Barry Seeks Forgiveness, Dodges a Few Bullets in New Season 3 Teaser

Barry Seeks Forgiveness, Dodges a Few Bullets in New Season 3 Teaser

March 17, 2022

Barry‘s title character wants to make up for his past misdeeds — but will he stay alive long enough to do it?

We now have our first look at the long-awaited Season 3 of HBO’s Emmy-winning comedy — premiering Sunday, April 24 at 10/9c — courtesy of a tantalizingly brief teaser you can watch above. After a quick recap on where we left off (which is understandable, since Barry last aired nearly three years ago), we catch up with the hitman-turned-actor as he points a gun at an unseen target and watches a house explode, with Noho Hank warning, “Forgiveness has to be earned.”

Barry’s double life is getting even more dangerous, with a motorcyclist planting himself right through his windshield. He has to look over his shoulder as fresh threats emerge… including his acting teacher Gene, who fondles a new gun. (Remember: Gene now knows Barry was responsible for his girlfriend Moss’ murder.) Plus, Barry has to console his girlfriend Sally, whose acting career seems to be taking off. But it’s not all doom and gloom: We get to see Noho Hank in a variety of fun outfits, sampling a breakfast pastry and later confessing, “I’m, like, legit nervous.” Yeah, us too.

Press PLAY above for a first look at the new season of Barry, and then hit the comments to share your first impressions.

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