'Bachelorette' Bloopers Are Here and They're Amazing

'Bachelorette' Bloopers Are Here and They're Amazing

July 27, 2021

The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All went down last night, and while some people were here for the drama, we were here for the bloopers. Which, thank god, ABC went ahead and put up on YouTube. Memorable bloopy moments include:

And speaking of 😬 moments, we can’t forget what happened during the actual Men Tell All taping, when Katie accidentally called Aaron Clancy “Thomas.” As in, he gave a whole, super-kind speech about how he’ll always have Katie’s best interests at heart and will always be in her corner, and she replied “Thanks, Thomas.”

Yikes, but Aaron told Entertainment Tonight, “I think the craziest moment was when Katie accidentally called me Thomas. I’ve already forgiven Katie. My therapist might not, but I’ll send her the therapy bills.” Meanwhile, Katie said she “will never forgive” herself, and “I really have no words at this point. No comment. I will apologize 100 times. It will never be good enough, though.”

Annnnyway, we’re getting to the end of Katie’s season and if you wanna know who wins, go ahead and click here!

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