‘Bachelor’ Executive Producer Elan Gale Departs, Show Creator Mike Fleiss Stuns Social Media With Announcement

‘Bachelor’ Executive Producer Elan Gale Departs, Show Creator Mike Fleiss Stuns Social Media With Announcement

December 7, 2018

There has been quite a buzzworthy development within the Bachelor franchise this week, but it isn’t related to Colton Underwood or any of his bachelorettes. The show’s creator, Mike Fleiss, sent out a tweet on Thursday that left longtime fans stunned and now everybody is anxious to learn more about this noteworthy behind-the-scenes development.

Those who have been watching the Bachelor, Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise shows for a while are likely familiar with executive producer Elan Gale. While the production staff is typically working behind the scenes and rarely makes it on camera, Elan has popped up from time to time in an episode. In addition, he has remained close with many of the contestants from the franchise, so fans who follow those folks on social media are typically familiar with him.

On Thursday, as most Bachelor fans were buzzing over the official release of Colton Underwood’s ladies, show creator Mike Fleiss sent out a curious, vague tweet. He said that while he couldn’t comment on why Elan was no longer a member of the Bachelor team, they wished him well in his future endeavors.

This post immediately got tongues wagging across social media. Unfortunately, the phrasing that Fleiss used about how he “can’t comment” on why Gale left the franchise prompted speculation among Bachelor fans that something untoward or inappropriate led to the departure. Other than Mike’s tweet, however, there is no sign that this is the case.

So far, Gale himself hasn’t commented on the speculation or Fleiss’ tweet. As Mike shared the post on social media, Elan and his girlfriend, Castle actress Molly Quinn, were actually making their way back to their home in California after being in Singapore. The departing executive producer has been on social media quite a bit since that tweet, but he hasn’t addressed it in any way.

As soon as Fleiss tweeted, people started tagging others on social media they thought might be able to spill the tea on what happened. Gossip guru Reality Steve is a natural pick for someone who might have the scoop, but so far, he’s said via Twitter that he has no idea what happened and that this was news to him.

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it’s our last day in Singapore and we really couldn’t have had a better time. we went to a water park, we ate a lot of Malaysian, Indonesian, Peranakan, Shanghainese, Cantonese, Japanese, and Singaporean food, we shopped, we slept, and we were good and went to the gym for an hour every single day, and now it’s time to come home. But once we are there we have new things to look forward to: cuddling the dogs, cooking (including some new recipes I want to try from here), and getting back to normalcy. Thanks to @matthewwelty for conceiving of this trip, thanks to @petermerelis for arranging a great deal of our meals, and thanks to @andershusa and @lennardy and ALL OF YOU for the great recommendations. I will soon be putting together some easy travel guides for the people out there who want a quick way to see and eat some of the things we’ve seen and eaten. Thank you all for coming with us to this amazing city

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Now ET Online is sharing some additional information, but Bachelor fans are still anxious for more insight. Interestingly, their source said that the franchise’s production and public relations teams weren’t prepared for Fleiss’ sudden Twitter declaration.

Despite that, the word is that Gale’s departure perhaps has been developing for some time now. As those who follow Elan on social media know, he has been developing some projects of his own and he apparently has been thinking about leaving the Bachelor family to focus on his own projects.

Supposedly, there has been some tension behind the scenes regarding “where Gale’s focus and energy lie.” At this point, ET has been unsuccessful in getting any kind of comment from the network, production company, or individuals involved.

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Let me just say this: on tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, things get, well, odd. don’t miss it

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Gale’s departure comes after being with the Bachelor franchise for a decade. In the past year, he has released a book, has a calendar coming out now, and has successfully grown some social media projects into bigger entities of their own.

It may well be that Elan was ready to take a leap and focus on these other projects of his, but fans remain a bit mystified by Fleiss’ wording that seemed to insinuate that something improper or problematic prompted the exit. Will Bachelor fans be given any additional insight or clarity into this significant behind-the-scenes change? Whatever happened, fans of Elan Gale’s hope he’s on to bigger and better things, and they’ll all be watching his social media pages to see what he tackles next.

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