Ashton ‘drowning’ footage on Below Deck leaves fans terrified deckhand may have died

Ashton ‘drowning’ footage on Below Deck leaves fans terrified deckhand may have died

December 5, 2018

Below Deck footage from this week’s episode shows hunky deckhand Ashton Pienaar coming close to drowning — and is so terrifying that some fans were left worried he had died.

In the dramatic clip it looks like instant death for the brusque but beautiful specimen, when he is pulled overboard by a rope caught around his leg.

Cameras show the deckhand thrashing in the water at the rear of the boat, as the crew rush to save him. After a tense trailer teased the harrowing incident at the end of last week’s episode, fans began desperately searching to find out if he had made it through.

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Fans of the dimpled hottie can rest easy, because Ashton still has at least eight lives to go!

Even though Ashton was clearly alive after last week’s dramatic cliffhanger — as evidenced by an after-show interview and social media activity — he didn’t come away scot-free.

As shocking as the tense footage was, the unfolding scene was even more grisly in real life, leaving the crew shaken — and Ashton with an injured leg.

The dramatic footage airs in full on the latest episode. But there is oh so much more to titillate viewers on top of Ashton’s near-death experience, with him also brazenly pursuing the new third stew.

When the beautiful newbie doubts her ability to steer a kayak, muscle-bound Ashton rushes to save the day and make himself look heroic in the process.

Below Deck air on Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.

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