Around the World in 80 Days release date, trailer, cast, plot: When is series out?

Around the World in 80 Days release date, trailer, cast, plot: When is series out?

December 3, 2021

Around the World in 80 Days Trailer

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Around the World in 80 Days has been in development since September 2020 and is set to be one of the BBC’s biggest series this Christmas. Adapting the classic novel by Jules Verne, the story follows three characters as they test themselves and the feats of technological progress to travel the globe in record time.

What is the release date of Around the World in 80 Days?

Around the World in 80 Days has been a long time coming, with production getting started in September of 2020.

In fact, filming wrapped exactly one year later following an extensive delay in shooting.

However, the series is finally back on track, with the BBC confirming it will air on Boxing Day.

Audiences in the USA will be able to sit down and watch the series on January 2, 2022, as PBS has picked up the show for the premiere.

Is there a trailer for Around the World in 80 Days?

Yes, the BBC and PBS released the first trailer for the series back in September, shortly after filming had finally wrapped.

The 34-second trailer reveals the grand-scale adventure the characters will be embarking on, with Tennant’s Phileas, saying: “I’m going to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days.”

Later, viewers can see how Phileas plans on doing this by travelling by boat, rail, and of course, the hot air balloon which the story has become famous for. 

There will be plenty of humour along the way, with the characters banding together to do the impossible.

Who is in the cast of Around the World in 80 Days?

Leading the cast is David Tennant as Phileas Fogg, the man who devises the extraordinary mission.

However, he can’t do it alone, as he brings two companions to aid him on the journey.

They are played by Mother is Wrong’s Ibrahim Koma as Passepartout and Spy City’s Leonie Benesch as Abigail.

Koma even hinted at a romance between Passepartout and Abigail, as he told Radio Times “opposites attract”.

The star added: “There’s kind of that [attraction] in the air, throughout the whole series.

“But when there’s attraction, there’s also a fight because, you know, they like each other, but they don’t understand each other.

“And they also like the fact that they don’t understand each other. So yeah, they are attracted to each other. And we’ll see [how the romance plays out].”

Rounding out the main cast is Peter Sullivan as Nyle Bellamy, Anthony Flanagan as Thomas Kneedling, and Shivaani Ghai as Aouda.

What is the plot of Around the World in 80 Days?

Split into eight parts, the show charts Phileas Fogg’s treacherous journey around the equator in 80 days, all to win a gentleman’s wager.

He is a famed inventor, who uses his unique devices and creations to get from A to Z like never before, or since.

Passepartout is his faithful friend who proves to be the more capable of the pair when it comes to dealing with the differing environments. 

Joining them is Abigail, a budding journalist who knows that either success or failure, this is the story of the century.

Around the World in 80 Days will premiere on BBC One on Boxing Day.

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