Are Nathan and Holly From ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Still Together? Here’s What We Know

Are Nathan and Holly From ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Still Together? Here’s What We Know

February 1, 2022


After spotting each other on day one, Nathan and Holly became the couple on Too Hot to Handle. Whether it was because they were absolutely in love with each other or because they completely drained the prize fund of every dollar with all their rule breaks, fans couldn’t get enough of them. But now that the cameras are off and they walked out of the villas hand in hand, fans want to know whether or not they still click in the real world. So are Nathan and Holly still together?

First of all, what happened to Nathan and Holly during the finale of Too Hot to Handle?

After Nathan was kicked out of the competition for constantly breaking the rules, he got a second shot at rejoining the group when he took part in a solo retreat that forced him to dig deep inside and figure out his feelings for Holly. After getting the green light from Lana to come back, he was also given a challenge: spend the night in the private suite with Holly without breaking any rules. Thankfully they were successful, and Lana rewarded them by adding $90,000 back into the prize fund.

During the Too Hot to Handle season 3 finale, Lana said Nathan was one of the finalists who showed the most growth. Nathan ended up coming in second place, while he and Holly left the villa still very much into each other.

What happened to Nathan and Holly after the season ended?

While they were definitely the hottest couple in the villa, Holly and Nathan admitted that things were harder on their relationship when they left.

“I wouldn’t say that it didn’t work out. There’s a couple of factors that went to play and I think one of them, for example, was COVID. But especially during a pandemic, it’s not easy at all,” Holly said during the Too Hot to Handle virtual reunion.

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She also noted that she was finishing up her degree and it was all about “timing and execution.”

So…guess that’s it for Nathan and Holly. But maybe we shouldn’t rule them completely out? Even though they’re not in an official relationship right now, it still seems like they might be interested in getting together with the time is right.

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