Andi Peters praises ITV for using more black hosts as he replaces Lorraine Kelly

Andi Peters praises ITV for using more black hosts as he replaces Lorraine Kelly

August 8, 2020

Andi Peters has praised ITV for ‘getting more’ black presenters on the television as he prepares to replace Lorraine Kelly for two weeks.

Andi, who is a familiar face on Good Morning Britain and Lorraine will be stepping up and taking the reigns as host while the Scottish presenter takes some much-needed time off.

Speaking about his hosting duties, Andi began: ‘It’s great they have asked me to do it.

‘I’m chuffed. It’s a real break from tradition and it’s a great statement from the channel about getting more black faces on television in lead roles as opposed to support roles, which is really important and we mustn’t shy away from that fact.’

‘I love Lorraine, I’ve known her for ten years,’ he added.

‘I’m on her show every day and it’s great to be part of that family. So, sitting in for her is an honour, Lorraine is an institution.’

Andi, who has also been presenting the breakfast show from his garage during lockdown went on to add that, like many of us, he has found it difficult.

‘So many people have said to me in the street, “We are so glad you all stayed on television during lockdown, we just needed something to make us feel normal”,’ he continued.

‘It was important to make people feel like the world wasn’t ending. None of us really knew what was going to happen but ITV Daytime has been there throughout, everybody has done an amazing job to make sure that happened. It was tough to begin with.’

Andi added: ‘Presenting from my garage, what’s been brilliant, it reminds people of the broom cupboard.

‘It has this wonderfully nostalgic feel to it but in 2020. People just want something familiar. Me in a confined space, I spent three years doing that on BBC1. The space I have is genuinely bigger than the broom cupboard.’

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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