‘And Just Like That…’: Kim Cattrall Returns As Samantha In Season 2 Finale

‘And Just Like That…’: Kim Cattrall Returns As Samantha In Season 2 Finale

August 26, 2023

SPOILER ALERT: The following reveals major plot points from the Season 2 finale of Max’s And Just Like That…

And Just Like That… Samantha Jones is back and even though Kim Cattrall wasn’t there in person to interact with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, fans will certainly be elated to see the beloved character return.

Michael Patrick King must’ve known how anxious viewers would be for the reunion that he didn’t make us wait very long at all to see her. Just three minutes into the episode, Carrie returns to her classic NY Brownstown to make the final preparations for her “The Last Supper” dinner party to celebrate new beginnings and of course, one big ending. Carrie has really sold off her apartment this time and will be moving to a bigger place to make space for Aidan (John Corbett) and his 3 boys should they ever want to come stay.

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While chatting with her new kitten—yes, Carrie has a fluffy companion now!—her cell phone rings and it’s Samantha calling. Carrie and Sam texted various times in Season 1 but this time it’s different. When Carrie takes the call, we see Samantha who is in a cab in London and is extremely apologetic.

“Hello London, What’s shaking, lady?” Carrie asks Samantha.

Samantha replies, “My flight is three hours delayed, Carrie. I won’t be able to make it there in time.”

Carrie looks utterly confused because she had no idea Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) had invited Samantha to the apartment’s final hurrah.

“I was going to surprise you,” Samantha shares with a pout. She added, “The fog finally lifted but the crew maxed out. Oh, I’m f***ing furious.”

A true reunion would have to wait. Samantha was only going to pop into the Big Apple for an overnight and had already left Heathrow Airport.

Samantha asked Carrie to put the phone speaker on so she could share some parting words with the place where so many memories were created.

“Thank you for everything, you f**king fabulous, fabulous flat,” said Sam.

During their chat, Carrie picked up on a slight British accent from her friend who has been living in London. When she asks her former bestie about it, Sam does a hilarious callback to a prior Sex and the City episode.

“Who’s Samantha? This is Anabelle Bronstein; I’m from India. Ta and Cheerio—and have a great night,” replied Samantha hilariously.

Fans will recall the Season 6 episode titled “Boy, Interrupted” which saw a scorching hot summer in New York City and the girls looking for a pool to call their own. Samantha tried to get a membership at the local Soho House but was unable to. When a staff member calls out to Sam who she believed left her Soho card in the bathroom, she hands her over a membership card belonging to an Anabelle Bronstein. The unsuspecting woman provided the key the foursome needed to access the pool, that is until someone who knew the real Anabelle put a kibosh on the whole thing.

King discussed the cameo during the show’s official podcast And Just Like That… The Writers Room.

“And then the phone call’s over and something amazing happens when they say goodbye which is, Samantha kisses the phone. Which was not in the script. It’s totally a moment of an actor playing a moment and it’s really nice,” he shared.

Whether or not this lovely moment could lead to more Samantha in the City, is yet to be revealed. However, Carrie and Samantha were definitely warm with one another and they seemed to be in a good place. If King had said fans could hope for a return of Samantha in the series last season, most would’ve said it was impossible.

So here’s to hoping.

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