All Lucifer Seasons Now Available On Netflix US & Canada

All Lucifer Seasons Now Available On Netflix US & Canada

December 16, 2018

Netflix subscribers in the U.S. and Canada can now stream all seasons of ‘Lucifer.’

Netflix won over the hearts of many when the streaming giant picked up and renewed Lucifer for a fourth season after it being canceled by Fox. Unsurprisingly, the biggest question Netflix subscribers had following the news was: would Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the series hit the streaming library? Would they get to binge through the entire season or have to settle for just Season 4?

Unfortunately, things get a little dicey when Netflix picks up a series that had been previously dropped by another network. This is because there can be issues with streaming rights. This is especially true if a network drops a series and a competing streaming service has the rights to stream the content.

Lucifer, for example, was owned by Fox. As all Netflix subscribers know, the streaming giant and Fox recently cut ties and all content owned by Fox has been pulled from the streaming library. To make things more complicated, Fox has a standing contract with Hulu where all the content moved when it left Netflix.

Despite picking up rights to renew Lucifer for a fourth season, Netflix couldn’t legally stream Seasons 1, 2, and 3 because Hulu had exclusive rights to the previous seasons of the series per their contract with Fox. So, it became a bit of a waiting game for Netflix subscribers.

Fortunately, per What’s On Netflix, the waiting game is over as those on the Netflix U.S. platform can now stream the first three seasons of Lucifer.

It was one of the showrunners, Joe Henderson, who ecstatically announced the release of Lucifer in the Netflix streaming library just yesterday on Twitter.

Is Lucifer Available on Netflix U.K.?

Unfortunately, Amazon does retain exclusive rights to Lucifer in the U.K. So, only Prime members will be able to stream the first three seasons of the series in that region. Given the fact that Netflix has renewed the series for a fourth season, What’s On Netflix speculates it is only a matter of time before things shift and the previous seasons are available to watch.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Lucifer are also available for streaming on the Australia platform.

Like the U.S. platform, the first three seasons of Lucifer were also dropped into the Canadian streaming library this week.

Other regions currently streaming Lucifer include Russia, France, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Israel.

While Lucifer Season 4 is slated to release sometime next year and is currently well under way, we do not have a concrete release date as of yet.

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