Al Roker Expects ‘Today’ Return Next Week As Knee Surgery Recuperation Continues

Al Roker Expects ‘Today’ Return Next Week As Knee Surgery Recuperation Continues

May 24, 2023

Today weatherman Al Roker says he’ll return to the NBC morning show next Tuesday after recuperating from knee replacement surgery.

“I’ve had a number of replacements…this one has been the toughest one yet,” Roker said during a call-in to his Today colleagues yesterday. Absent from the show since May 9, Roker explained that the recent surgery – his second on that knee following a first replacement 23 years ago – was especially difficult because because they had to take out the “old hardware and put new hardware in.”

Roker said he initially felt good enough following the surgery (when nerve-blockers were still in effect) to post an Instagram cooking video. “My doctor saw the Instagram and said, ‘No, we’re not doing that.’”

The weatherman said he’s using ice and undergoing outpatient physical therapy but otherwise trying to stay off the knee as much as possible. Wife Deborah Roberts posted an Instagram message on May 21 saying the second surgery was “a little bit harder to snap back from, but he’s doing pretty well, moving a little slowly.”

Roker told the Today hosts that he’ll be back on the show Tuesday, following the Memorial Day weekend.

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