After Howard Donald's phoney David Bowie photo we picture him at other world-changing events

After Howard Donald's phoney David Bowie photo we picture him at other world-changing events

July 21, 2020

HOWARD DONALD went from Take That to Fake Prat when he posted a doctored image of himself alongside late pop legend David Bowie.

He even told his 100,000 Instagram followers he had been “nervous” about meeting the star.

But the picture originally showed bandmates Gary Barlow and Mark Owen, before Bowie was Photoshopped over Gary.

You can’t blame Howard for getting confused, though.

The singer has been at the centre of countless world-changing events, as COLIN ROBERTSON’s trawl through his social media feed reveals . . . 

Oscars selfie

SOMETIMES timing is everything. 

Me and the lads were in LA for the 2014 Oscars – Gary was up for Best Actor for convincing people he liked working with Simon Cowell on The X Factor.

On the night, @bradleycooper asked me for a selfie and before I could say yes, a load of other randoms piled in to get their own Take That souvenir.

Felt a bit used tbh – but hey, that’s showbiz.

Winning the World Cup

PEOPLE often say to me, “Howard, you won best band in the world numerous times at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, how can life ever get any better than that?” I always just give them one of me wry smiles and say two words: “Sixty-six”.

Lifting the Jules Rimet trophy on the shoulders of some of the best lads I’ve ever played with – sorry Rob, Gaz, Mark, Jason – is something England may have forgotten, but I never will.

Election victory

I’VE always been a Labour man – you’d get clobbered in Droylsden for backing the Tories.

But there were summat a bit off about them.

So in the Nineties, I came up with Howard’s Way.

The lawyers changed it to Third Way, but it worked. I won Best Political Male and ended up running the country for a bit, which were mad.

@noelgallagher popped round for tea once and drank all me champers.

First men on the moon

HEY Instagram – here’s a secret. Back For Good was the last thing US President Richard Nixon said to me and the lads when we shot off to the moon. “I want you back for good, boys,” the prez demanded.

I was very nervous meeting @trickydickie1974 later as I’d had a bit of an, er, underpants incident on re-entry.

Fortunately, he never opened the door of the old Mobile Quarantine Facility.

Knocking down the Berlin Wall

I’VE never been afraid of a bit of hard graft

. In 1989, I was in Berlin helping my old pal @davidbowie with some music – and someone handed me a mallet and pointed at a wall.

I thought, “Yeah, I can see why you’d want to knock that down, it’s covered in horrible graffiti.”

So I gave it a wallop and a massive cheer went up – so I carried on and everyone joined in.

Can’t bear graffiti, me.

Launching the Apple iPhone

EVERYONE thinks Jason were the quiet one in Take That.

But if you ask the lads, really it were me.

While they were up the front of the tour bus bog-washing Mark in the “porta potty”, I’d be hiding out on me bunk messing around with nanotechnology.

Sent one of me ideas – a phone that goes on t’internet – off to the bloke who made the iMac and he bit me hand off.

Easiest £500 I ever made.

Royal wedding

HAVE to say it were love at first sight with me and Kate.

I wasn’t looking for a relationship but she said her family was in the “party business”.

I said: “Me too! Have you heard our debut album, Take That & Party?”

She said she had but “wouldn’t hold it against me”.

I thought, “Are you sure you’re not thinking of Howard from the Bellamy Brothers?”

Shooting that Beatles cover

ONE of me earlier groups got quite famous.

We called ourselves The Beatless because none of us could play drums. None of us could spell either.

One day a snapper rang up and said he’d caught us “on the white lines” at Abbey Road studios.

Our manager bought the picture off the market.

When he realised he’d been conned, we used it as an album cover to claw some cash back.

Wimbledon Champion

I’VE always had a strong right arm so one year I decided to try my hand at tennis.

I found it quite easy – probably because I’d been batting off groupies for years.

So it were no surprise that the umpire lass seemed to fancy me. Every time I scored she’d call me “love”.

And the fans on Howard Hill went wild when I won a few matches to win a little competition called Wimbledon.

The day I was knighted

ALWAYS been a big fan of Her Maj since she winked at me when me and the lads were on Royal Variety.

So I was delighted to be made a Sir.

She said she was impressed that I’d managed to walk round me garden 100 times.

I replied: “Not as impressed as I was when I finally found the frisbee I’d been looking for!”

Was a pleasure, Mrs Windsor X.

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