A Place in the Sun fans blast Danni Menzies’ ‘awful’ property ‘Like a prison cell’

A Place in the Sun fans blast Danni Menzies’ ‘awful’ property ‘Like a prison cell’

March 1, 2022

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During the latest rerun of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 presenter Danni Menzies was on a mission to find sisters Lynne and Samantha their dream holiday home in Cadiz, Spain. The siblings, who were buying a joint property together, had a budget of £60,000 to spend with £5,000 wriggle room for the perfect holiday home. However, just minutes into the programme, viewers blasted Danni for her “awful” property choices.

The first property on Danni’s list was located in a small town of Alcala de los Gazules.

Priced at £63,000, the rustic property came with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a roof terrace.

The duo seemed to love the townhouse at a first glance as they explained to Danni they liked the area.

Despite being impressed by the kitchen, the siblings pointed out the living space was a bit dark.

After inspecting the property further, Samantha told the property expert: “I am not so keen.”

The house hunter didn’t like the lack of privacy between the two bedrooms.

They later realised that the outdoor space mainly consisted of soil and chickens which the pair didn’t like.

They told Danni there was “too much outside space”.

The second property, which was priced below their budget at £52,000, was a two-bed property located in the same town.

Helen seemed to be impressed by the house as she pointed out how light and airy it was.

“I got a good feeling when I walked in,” she explained.

Danni went on to tell them the property also came furnished, as she explained: “I think it has been done quite nicely.”

“That’s even better,” Helen replied as she added: “You could just move in.”

However, viewers were less than impressed by the second property, and many took to social media to share their thoughts.

Some viewers compared the townhouse to a “prison cell”, while others commented on how uncomfortable the sofa looked in the living room.

Taking to social media, Dave tweeted: “Another bedroom. Do your guests like sleeping in a police cell? Concrete sofa.”

Tubbs wrote: “Looks like a prison cell, on the outside and the inside #aplaceinthesun.” (sic)

He later added: “Ooh Danni, you are spoiling them!! #aplaceinthesun.” (sic)

Commenting on the sofa located in the living area, Shrimpsy said: “Concrete sofa upstairs bet that’s comfortable.”

While Terry said: “I’m sort of here & watching but I’m too tired to tweet other than to say that these places are absolutely awful.” (sic)

“The properties on #aplaceinthesun are a bit cluttered and scruffy today,” Chris pointed out.

The search didn’t get much better for Danni as the duo didn’t seem to like the third property.

Not only did it need renovation work, but the toilet was also located outside.

As they continued with the search, Samantha and Helen seemed to fall in love with the fifth and final property.

However, when it came to making a decision, the sisters decided they needed more time to think before they made a commitment.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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