A Place in the Sun fans baffled as couple wants ‘more English’ Greek home

A Place in the Sun fans baffled as couple wants ‘more English’ Greek home

December 15, 2021

A Place in the Sun host Laura Hamilton welcomed two guests, Ginny and Tony, into a property in Greece as they hunted for their dream abode overseas.

However, their house hunt was soon cut short as the pair dismissed the final house Laura did show and their favourite of the few was declined.

They were struggling to find the perfect property for their retirement home, and eventually they told Laura that they were not interested in viewing one of her suggestions.

As Laura moved through other properties, she was struggling to find one which ticked all their boxes and one of her ideas was turned down before the pair had even set foot in the front door.

However, one home which did seem to win in Tony's eyes was a property which was "more English" than the others they had eyed up.

Upon inspection he said: "What I do like are the nice big windows, it obviously makes it a bit more modern, and makes it more English."

Viewers were left utterly gobsmacked at the comments as the couple were house hunting for a property in Greece.

One user wrote: "'Makes it more English'! What a k**b! If you want English then buy a house in England."

Another said: "Makes it more English… talk about the Englishman abroad…"

A third added: "It makes it more English ffs you're moving to Greece so go Greek!"

An additional viewer wrote: "More English… why you moving to Greece you k**b."

While they turned down the property, Laura had one final trick up her sleeve as she saved her favourite property right until the end – and she was sure she had the diamond jewel.

As Laura began showing the two around a Greek property, she asked them their thoughts, Ginny said: "Yeah the size is fine, plenty of storage space. But, the property is not doing it for us."

Tony agreed, which prompted Laura to add: "To be honest, I am kind of getting that vibe," before she then asked if the pair would like to see any more there.

The duo turned down the opportunity to view more of the property and cut their time short.

After sleeping on it, the pair resumed their meeting with Laura the following day and put in an offer of £225,000 for the "more English property", which was declined.

The pair haven't given up though and planned to continue in their search for the perfect place.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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