90210's Shannen Doherty plans to live another '10 to 15 years' in stage IV breast cancer battle

90210's Shannen Doherty plans to live another '10 to 15 years' in stage IV breast cancer battle

September 29, 2020

90210 and Charmed star Shannen Doherty has revealed how she plans to live for another "10 or 15 years" as she battle stage IV breast cancer.

The actress tearfully revealed in February she is dealing with stage IV breast cancer – five years after beating the disease.

The 48-year-old actress has now spoken about how she is spending her final years, admitting that she feels like writing letters to her loved ones "feel so final" and she is "not signing off."

"I haven’t sat down to write letters. That’s something I need to do,” Shannen told Elle magazine.

"There are things I need to say to my mom. I want my husband [Kurt Iswarienko] to know what he’s meant to me.

"But whenever it comes time for me to do it, it feels so final. It feels like you’re signing off, and I’m not signing off.

"I feel like I’m a very, very healthy human being. It’s hard to wrap up your affairs when you feel like you’re going to live another 10 or 15 years."

Shannen was first diagnosed with the aggressive disease back in 2015 and has been open about her ongoing struggle with it.

The star made the admission of its return in February after revealing it would become public due to a "horrific" legal battle with insurance company State Farm.

She had told family and close friends, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, in early 2019 at a private dinner with her doctor.

"I try to treasure all the small moments that most people don’t really see or take for granted," the star continued.

"The small things are magnified for me. We have this endless well within us, and it’s just about continuing to dig in that well for the strength to face adversity—and so that we can also see all the beauty.

"It’s like anybody with Stage IV faces this sort of thing, where others want to put you out to pasture. I’m not ready for pasture. I’ve got a lot of life in me."

In 2019 Shannen decided to go ahead with the 90210 reboot four months after the death of her co-star and beloved friend Luke Perry.

Shannen said in an interview with Good Morning America in February that she wanted to prove "life doesn't end the minute we get that diagnosis."

Her pal and fellow 90210 star Brian Austin Green helped her to cope on the bad days when it all became too much, she said.

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