3 Ways the MCU Will Follow the 'X-Men' Comics More Closely Than Fox Did

3 Ways the MCU Will Follow the 'X-Men' Comics More Closely Than Fox Did

June 8, 2020

While under Fox’s ownership, the X-Men saw some highs and some lows — while Logan and First Class were critical successes and box office triumphs, The Last Stand and Apocalypse left much to be desired. Not to mention, parsing out a timeline was nearly impossible. The money-hungry franchise created movies to sell tickets rather than to lure a passionate Marvel fandom to its complex understanding of mutantkind (as well as the various narratives akin to the X-Men and the Brotherhood. 

Though loosely following the comics, the studio took liberties with the franchise. While the Xavier-Magneto conflict was at the core of the narrative in both the comics and the movies, Fox changed character’s trajectories, opinions, and life stories to (somewhat) fit its existing landscape. On the other hand, based on available information, it looks like the MCU plans to stick to a few comic book plots, and emulate the source material to an extent Fox did not. 

1. Rogue, ‘Captain Marvel,’ and The Brotherhood of Mutants

According to insider reports, Rogue will join Captain Marvel 2 as an adversary. She will likely be the MCU’s link to the Brotherhood of Mutants. And, considering Rogue starts out as a member of the villainous team in the comics, this will be a more accurate depiction of the character than Fox’s.  

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Since Captain Marvel will be at the center of the introduction, it’s likely that the comic book conflict between Mystique, Captain Marvel, and Rogue will be integral. Meaning, Mystique’s version of the Brotherhood could come into the spotlight, instead of Magneto’s. Such a starting point would cement the beginning of the X-Men journey at a later narrative point. Yet, it’s likely that Rogue will turn on her evil upbringing, coming to fight alongside the X-Men, as she did in the comic books. 

2. Storm: a romance with Black Panther and a fleshed-out leadership role

Marvel is reportedly looking to cast Storm in Black Panther 2; meaning, the iconic romance between Ororo Munroe and T’Challa — one that ultimately leads to powerful children and subsequent divorce — could be coming to the Marvel film landscape. However, this would not be the only way for the movies to pay homage to the comic books. 

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If Storm joins in Black Panther, she will likely be presented as a strong leader; she could be the woman who comes to lead Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters or the later Jean Grey’s School of Higher Learning. She becomes the headmaster of the institution in the comics, and she is one of Xaiver’s most-trusted confidantes. While Fox hinted at this relationship dynamic, Storm’s full potential was never realized under the studio. Kevin Feige seems to have grander plans for Munroe. 

3. Professor Xavier and his questionable morality 

In the comics, Professor Xavier erases memories when he feels it will be of benefit, but to who remains unclear. If people must mourn, they will not be great soldiers on the battlefield. He also trains kids, young and innocent, to fight for a cause they cannot fully conceptualize. While the comics reveal his gray morality, Fox often kept him a hero. The MCU may not follow suit. 

If reports surrounding Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness turn out to be true, Professor Xavier will join the landscape as a member of The Illuminati — a man partially responsible for banishing the Hulk from planet earth. He is a man who takes actions, often putting others in danger or at risk, for he determines when the ends justify the means. Yet, who is he to decide? Who are The Illuminati to make such judgment calls?

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