12 Ways 'Back to the Future II' Predicted the Present

12 Ways 'Back to the Future II' Predicted the Present

October 21, 2020

In the 1989 sci-fi sequel, Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly time-traveled forward to Oct. 21, 2015 — and saw prescient visions like self-tying sneakers and the Chicago Cubs in the MLB post-season

Movie 2015: Power laces make tying your own shoes a thing of the past.

Real 2015: Nike is working to have a model with the same auto-lace-tying technology out by the end of the year.

Movie 2015: Holograms are prevalent in entertainment, and there are a staggering number of movie sequels (“Jaws 19”).

Real 2015: Holograms can now bring performers back to life and Hollywood is practically living off of sequels.

Movie 2015: A video game where you have to use your hands is “like a baby’s toy.”

Real 2015: Xbox Kinect provides hands-free video game entertainment, the first of its kind for a mass audience.

Movie 2015: Need to make a quick exit?  Just grab the nearest hover board and float away.

Real 2015: The Hendo Hoverboard can float an inch off the ground with up to 300 pounds, but we still can’t quite escape psychotic bullies.

Movie 2015: People own portable tablets that can transfer needed funds or provide instant information.

Real 2015: iPads and modern smart phones almost make the film’s prediction look antiquated.

Movie 2015: Not only would Miami have a baseball team, but the Cubs would beat them in the World Series.

Real 2015: Miami now has a team and the Cubs are in the pennant race, but the two will never face each other as they are both in the National League.

Movie 2015: Wall-mounted, flat-screen TVs allow you to watch up to six channels at once.

Real 2015: Once an expensive pipe dream, wall-mounted flat screens are now everywhere, and picture-in-picture viewing allow many cable viewers to watch multiple programs at the same time.

Movie 2015: Voice command cook food and controls household electronics.

Real 2015: While not able to control the home yet, voice command can get you any information you want thanks to Siri technology.

Movie 2015: Kids disappear from their families behind virtual-reality eyewear.

Real 2015: Oculus Rift and Google Glass have helped blur the boundaries between technology and reality more than ever before.

Movie 2015: Flying drones walk our pets for us if we were just too tired.

Real 2015: While not able to take the place of a pet owner yet, drones are now everywhere and can used for a variety of purposes (okay, mostly for spying).

Movie 2015: No more signatures!  Just give your thumbprint to pay the cab fare or transfer funds to help save the clock tower.

Real 2015: Biometrics are now an integral part of many nations’ top-secret security systems and are one of the most reliable detection methods.

Movie 2015: Talk to your friends (or conspiring work colleagues) via your own living room television.

Real 2015: Facetime, Skype and multiple other videoconferencing technologies made this prediction spot on.
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