1000lb Sisters Amy Slaton breaks down in tears over being ‘bad parent’

1000lb Sisters Amy Slaton breaks down in tears over being ‘bad parent’

February 16, 2023

1000lb Sisters: Amy worries about being a good mum to Gage

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In this week’s instalment of TLC’s hit show, 1000-lb Sisters’ viewers saw Amy Slaton get emotional amid parenting fears. The star has spoken out about being a bad parent to her two sons as she admits she “didn’t have a good example” during her childhood.

The Slaton sister, who at the time was due to give birth the next day to second son Glenn, opened up to TLC viewers about her parenting fears.

The TV-personality was overcome with emotion as she discussed her worries of being a bad mother to her two sons, Gage, two, and Glenn, now seven months.

The star said it’s her “goal in life” to set a good example to her kids, but confessed she’s apprehensive after her relationship with her own mother, Darlene, was not the best.

Amy and her co-star sister Tammy Slaton often blame mother Darlene as one of the reasons for their weight struggles.

Amy explained: “Being a good mum, that’s my goal in life. Growing up, I didn’t have a good example.”

The 35-year-old appeared determined to give her children the best parenting experience, despite her and her sisters not receiving the same treatment.

But the mother-to-be was riddled with fears of not being good enough for her two young sons.

Alongside sister Amanda, the star started to become emotional over her fears saying: “I want to be a good mom to Gage that everything I do for him I’m like, is this the right call?”

Once Amanda sees her sister in tears, she becomes defensive of her sibling and said: “Don’t you ever doubt yourself. Honey, you’re not a bad mom. They don’t come with instruction manuals.

“Believe me, when you mess up, your sisters and your brother will let you know. You know that. But that has never come out of our mouth.” she added.

Amy then admits her worries stem from her personal trauma and insecurities, not from other people.

She spoke about her first-born Gage and said: “I wanna give him the best life he ever had. Because we didn’t.”

According to the siblings, they were raised by their grandmother as mother Darlene couldn’t spend time with them because of work commitments.

When their grandmother sadly died, the sisters had nothing left but each other and had to live a life of independence.

In last week’s episode, sisters Amanda and Misty visited Tammy in rehab as she overcame a major hurdle.

As she was about to be weighed, Tammy said: “I need to get to 550 in order for me to be approved for surgery.”

When she first arrived at the facility she weighed 717 pounds, and to the star’s surprise the nurse announced that she had weighed in at 534.7.

Amy had found out she was pregnant after being constipated for three weeks and the couple then welcomed their son Glenn in July.

The Slaton sister recalled: “Two years ago I was pregnant with Gage because I went to the ER because I was so constipated.

“And with this one, I was like, ‘Babe, I haven’t pooped in three weeks! I’m pregnant’,” she said in a confessional on her TLC reality show.

1000-lb Sisters season 4 continues Tuesdays on TLC in the USA.

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