'1000-Lb Sisters': Why YouTubers Are Team Tammy Slaton While Fans of the Show Side With Amy Slaton

'1000-Lb Sisters': Why YouTubers Are Team Tammy Slaton While Fans of the Show Side With Amy Slaton

October 31, 2021

1000-lb Sisters follows sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton as they try to lose weight and get healthy. Though the main focus of the show is the women striving for a healthier lifestyle, the relationship between Amy and Tammy also takes center stage. When reading comments about the TLC show, it’s clear that fans often choose their favorite sister. However, which sister comes out on top usually depends on whether the fans come from YouTube or 1000-lb Sisters.

Why YouTube fans side with Tammy Slaton

Before 1000-lb Sisters, Amy and Tammy each had their own YouTube channels. Amy got into hot water on YouTube after she posted a video claiming that Tammy was near death and asked for money to pay for her sister’s funeral expenses.

“Yesterday at 10 a.m. Tammy went into the hospital,” Amy shared with her fans. ” She has pneumonia and she can’t breathe.” She continued, saying that things had gotten serious and that Tammy was on life support with low oxygen levels.

“I set up a trust fund, a GoFundMe account,” Amy continued. “With Tammy being so big, her coffin is going to cost them more because they are going to have to triple the size of the coffin. I know she is on a medical card but it will not cover all of the bills. It is taking all of our checks just to make it through. So this GoFundMe account will be for Tammy’s funeral if she dies. She is not dead yet so please pray that she gets better. Please pay that we do not have this funeral and when she gets home the money will go to help us pay off the medical bills.”

However, a few days later, Tammy appeared in a video with Amy and was doing just fine. Amy promised to give the money back to fans but many of them claimed to have never gotten refunds.

Why ‘1000-lb Sisters’ fans side with Amy

If you didn’t know about Amy’s past scam, you might be more sympathetic toward her. Fans of the show tend to side with Amy and feel that Tammy takes advantage of her sister’s help.

“I am on season 2 episode 2 and I have some questions,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Is Tammy always so freaking insufferable? Why does she always blame Amy for her issues? Is there something I’m missing? I can’t stand her attitude. I feel like she has some evil, dark side of her and I can’t shake that feeling.”

“Tammy is whiny and spoiled,” another person wrote. “She expects Amy to wait on her hand and foot and if Amy doesn’t do what she asks she throws a fit and plays the victim. Michael has to push her wheelchair whenever they go anywhere and it’s obvious that sometimes it’s a struggle for him to push it.”

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 3

Tammy and Amy will be back for 1000-lb Sisters Season 3. In the preview for the third season, it seems that thing between the sisters gets even more tense this go around as both women strive to get healthy and maintain their relationship.

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premieres Nov. 15.

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