WWE star Damian Priest reveals shocked backstage reaction to Vince McMahon retirement and how he wants to face Bad Bunny | The Sun

WWE star Damian Priest reveals shocked backstage reaction to Vince McMahon retirement and how he wants to face Bad Bunny | The Sun

August 10, 2022

WWE superstar Damian Priest claims the locker room is excited to be part of a new era after Vince McMahon's retirement.

McMahon, 76, shocked the world of wrestling last month after rolling credits on his 40-year career in charge of the company as chairman, CEO and head of creative.

Very few believed he would ever step away from the throne but he has been replaced by his daughter Stephanie, who is in charge as chairwoman as well as co-CEO alongside Nick Khan.

The American businessman's son-in-law Triple H has succeeded him as head of creative following his remarkable work on NXT, which created a raft of top stars such as Priest, 39.

The ex-US champion admits everyone was shocked upon hearing the news of McMahon's retirement but there's a feeling that this is a new era that will go down in history as "something special".

Priest told SunSport: "Just like everybody else, like every other fan or everybody else that’s into our business, we know this is a big deal. Never thought it would happen. At least not in my time here, so it’s crazy.

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"Just the idea of it, didn’t think it would happen so we know we’re part of something that’s a moment in time in our business that’s memorable. There’s definitely a feel of we’re part of something special because it’s new.

"This is an era that’s unprecedented so there’s been moments in time when you have [the Stone Cold Steve] Austin Era and people are going to say, ‘Oh man, I wish I was part of that era’ or ‘I was part of it’.

"We’re part of an era, we’re part of a movement, we’re part of a moment that happened that’s gonna be talked about forever. So there’s that, we know this is a special time. So it’s cool, everybody is excited about the idea of being part of something special."

Priest plays a major part on RAW as a member of The Judgment Day faction alongside Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor, all of whom worked under Triple H on NXT.

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However, the American grappler insists it is still business as usual, although he admits this sudden new age could help the faction become more memorable.

And all three of them will be coming to Wales on September 3 for Clash at the Castle where they look set to face their former leader Edge at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Priest added: “For The Judgment Day, we already thought we were gonna do cool business and create special moments for our fans and I think it’s one of those things that if anything it makes it easier to create something special because we’re in a special time in our business.

"We’re looking at this as all positive but at the end of the day we still got the same job we had yesterday and the day before that and the week before that and the year before that.


"Go out there, entertain our fans to the best of our abilities. That doesn’t change so the job is still the same. It’s go out there and do your thing."

Priest hit the ground running after being called up to the main roster from NXT last year as he was immediately paired up with Grammy Award-winning rapper Bad Bunny.

The former NXT North American champion and the famous musician"immediately became boys" and they teamed up together at WrestleMania 37 where they beat The Miz and John Morrison.

The 39-year-old loved working with Bad Bunny as he showed tremendous respect for the business and trained hard in Florida before putting together what many claim is the best ever performance from a non wrestler.

Priest would love to work with him again and is very much open to a match against him this time at WrestleMania 39 as he now works as a heel wrestler for an evil faction.

However, the heavyweight believes it would also be interesting if he and the Puerto Rican artist reunited, but this time as part of The Judgment Day.

Priest said: "I get asked that a lot. About facing Bad Bunny. Of course! Any business I can do with somebody on that level, it’s gonna bring more eyes on me, on The Judgment Day, for Rhea and Finn… Of course, I’m all about it.

"But honestly seeing our relationship, why wouldn’t Bad Bunny be a part of The Judgment Day? Look at the last time he was here, he didn’t come just to put a promotion on one thing and then leave right away.

"He put in time, he put in the work, he moved to Florida to train full time. He was at every RAW and this is during a crazy time in the world during the pandemic.

"If he’s gonna be here, he’s gonna be here. If he was gonna be part of The Judgment Day, he’s gonna be in The Judgment Day. Not just for a day or two."

Catch all the action from WWE’s Clash at the Castle live on BT Sport on Saturday 3rd September. For more info go to bt.com/sport/wwe

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