WWE star Andrade, who is engaged to Charlotte Flair, 'requests release' from contract with Vince McMahon's company

WWE star Andrade, who is engaged to Charlotte Flair, 'requests release' from contract with Vince McMahon's company

March 13, 2021

WWE star and Charlotte Flair’s fiance Andrade has reportedly asked Vince McMahon to release him.

The 31-year-old Mexican, real name Manuel Oropeza, is a third-generation performer and is currently drafted to Monday Night Raw.

Former NXT and US champion Andrade has been tipped by many to be the future of the company.

And he is widely-regarded as one of the very best when it comes to in-ring work.

However, it appears that he sees his future away from WWE after growing frustrated with the company.

Speculation began mounting when Andrade removed all mentions of WWE from his Twitter account.

Now Wrestling Inc now reporting that he has asked for his release from WWE.

They claim he did this while present at the Raw tapings on Monday but there has been no word yet on whether his request will be granted by boss McMahon, who will be loath to potentially lose another star to All Elite Wrestling.

Andrade recently took time off to get a minor medical procedure done and last appeared on Raw way back in October.

His close friend and on-screen manager Zelina Vega, real name Thea Megan Budgen, was released by WWE in November due to a breach of contract after she defied McMahon’s orders.


Vega was axed as she ‘challenged’ WWE by opening an OnlyFans account, which featured exclusive videos of snaps of ‘cosplays, lingerie, swimsuits and more’ and having a subscription fee of £22.60.

The star is also an active Twitch streamer and was allegedly not willing to comply with WWE's new policy.

Performers may remain on Twitch, but they have to do so under the WWE banner, which limits their potential income.

Moments before WWE announced her release, Vega took to Twitter to declare she supported unionization. 

In a subsequent Twitch stream afterwards, she claimed there was no ill will towards McMahon or WWE and thanked them for allowing her to achieve her dreams.

Andrade and Flair announced their engagement in January 2020.

The doting WWE couple confirmed the news on New Year’s Eve after the high-flying Mexican got down on one knee.


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