WWE News: Backstage Update On Daniel Bryan’s Health After Last Night’s Match

WWE News: Backstage Update On Daniel Bryan’s Health After Last Night’s Match

December 20, 2018

Daniel Bryan took an inverted 450 rather hard from Mustafa Ali last night on ‘SmackDown Live.’

Last night was a very exciting night for Mustafa Ali. He was called up from the cruiserweight roster to the SmackDown Live roster permanently. Ali was put into the main event on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown and he pinned the current WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

However, things looked like they could have actually gone poorly for Ali, who landed knee-first on Daniel Bryan’s collarbone area and ribs when performing the 054 (inverted 450). After Ali performed the move, he could immediately be heard checking on Bryan to make sure he was okay.

Thankfully, Daniel Bryan appears to be just fine. According to Fightful, Bryan was adamant that he was okay as he made his way through the curtain to the backstage area after the match.

As one might expect, Ali was reported to be very apologetic to Bryan after the incident, even more so than what you could hear in the ring as he was pinning Daniel Bryan.

Fightful is also reporting that Daniel Bryan and the referee of the match were taken to the trainer’s room to evaluate the incident.

WWE was taping another episode of SmackDown Live immediately after the first episode went off the air, which didn’t leave a lot of time for Bryan to be evaluated before he had to go back out and perform again.

According to spoiler reports, he interrupted a segment with R-Truth and Carmella about 30 minutes after taking the knees to the throat and ribs, and he appeared to be fine.

The main worry from fans when Daniel Bryan returned to the WWE was his head. The reason he was forced to retire was due to excessive concussions. While taking knees to the collarbone/throat and ribs certainly isn’t pleasant, it’s fortunate that it didn’t hit him in the head, as one major concussion could lead to the end of his career for good.

Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from AJ Styles in November. He won the match via a low blow, which started his current run as a heel performer in the WWE. He refers to himself as the “New” Daniel Bryan while working as a heel, and it seems to be getting over very well with the fans.

Many were concerned that a heel Daniel Bryan would have a hard time gettings fans to hate him, but it appears to be working quite well so far.

Daniel Bryan returned from retirement in March. During his time away from the ring, Bryan served as the storyline General Manager of SmackDown Live.

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