Why the Toronto Raptors are the NBA’s best team right now

Why the Toronto Raptors are the NBA’s best team right now

December 14, 2018

The Toronto Raptors have been called a lot of things this season. The NBA’s deepest team. Its most flexible. Its most well-organized.

Yet after the most powerful wins of the season so far, it might be time to ditch all those and replace them with a convenient catch-all. Are the Raptors simply the best team in basketball?

No one has been spoken of in those terms in recent times except for the Golden State Warriors, who have kept such a stranglehold on championships and bragging rights that there has been little room for anyone else in the discussion.

It's time for that to change.

The shrewd minds of the Las Vegas sports books might disagree, with Sin City still listing the Warriors as clear favorites at an ungenerous price, but the Raptors are showing signs that suggest they are ready to mount a serious challenge for a title, no matter who they face at the final hurdle.

Regular season games are not always an accurate indicator of how things will pan out in the playoffs, but confidence does play into it and there is no question that Toronto has bundles of belief, especially after the events of this week.

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