Where is Super Bowl 2020 being held, and has the venue hosted the NFL showdown before? – The Sun

Where is Super Bowl 2020 being held, and has the venue hosted the NFL showdown before? – The Sun

January 28, 2020

AFTER another gruelling NFL season, it all comes down to this.

Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers have battled through the regular season and the playoffs to become divisional champions – and book a place in Super Bowl LIV.

Andy Reid's side, led by sensational quarterback Patrick Mahomes, are heading to the season showpiece for the first time in 50 YEARS.

While the 49ers are back for another crack at the Super Bowl after a painful defeat in 2012 to the Baltimore Ravens.

Where is Super Bowl 2020 being held?

THIS game is the pinnacle of American sport and now has global appeal.

There is no 'national stadium' in the NFL – American football doesn't have an equivalent of Wembley, so instead each year a different NFL stadium hosts the showpiece.

For this year's Super Bowl, Miami is playing host to the Chiefs and the 49ers.

It's not exactly local for either team – Kansas City is around 1,500 miles away by road.

While San Francisco is an eye-watering 3,100 miles away.

The Hard Rock Stadium – home of the Miami Dolphins – is the venue for Super Bowl LIV.

When first opened in 1987 it seated 76,018 football fans, but that was reduced to 64,767 after renovations in 2015.

Has it hosted the NFL showdown before?

DESPITE being open just 33 years, the Hard Rock Stadium has seen it's fair share of Super Bowl action.

In total, it's hosted the event FIVE times, with the first back in 1989.

There's plenty of history at this place and the 49ers are making their third appearance:

  • Super Bowl XXII – 49ers vs Bengals (20-16) on January 22, 1989
  • Super Bowl XXIX – 49ers vs Chargers (49-26) on January 29, 1995
  • Super Bowl XXXIII – Broncos vs Falcons (34-19) on January 31, 1999
  • Super Bowl XLI – Colts vs Bears (29-17) on February 4, 2007
  • Super Bowl XLIV – Saints vs Colts (31-17) on February 7, 2010

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