We live near a Premier League ground and we HATE it – rowdy fans poo in front of our homes… it's disgusting | The Sun

We live near a Premier League ground and we HATE it – rowdy fans poo in front of our homes… it's disgusting | The Sun

March 2, 2023

LOCALS living near a Premier League ground have revealed the disgusting truth – rowdy fans poo outside their homes.

And on top of having to hose the human mess from their gardens, and pick up litter from their streets, the west London residents are left battling to find a car park on game days.

Michael Lock, 66, is one of the many living in the shadow of Brentford Community Stadium.

He says he's endured a variety of issues since Brentford's home ground was built in 2020 – including having to shoo away a man who was pooing outside his home in broad daylight.

The 66-year-old told The Sun: “My son gets the footage to his phone from the Ring camera and he called me and said I should go and look by the house.

"I saw this guy defecating right by the house at 4pm after a game. 

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“It was like a cow had been there. I had to get the jet washer to sort it out.

“And when I confronted him he just said ‘when you got to go’ and he got in his car and left.” 

Michael says the streets and locals' properties are also left littered with food scraps and empties after games as Premier League fans just drop their rubbish.

The Heathrow security worker said: “People often buy chicken from the shop and cans of drink and chuck them over the hedges of the ground floor flats over there that are for disabled people. 

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“Their gardens are the space they can go outside easily and enjoy being outside but people throw rubbish in there.”

One of the most "annoying" issues is fans nicking residents' parking during matches, Michael said.

He's even fighting to have gates put up to lock sports lovers out.

“It is all resident parking but people don’t pay attention to the signs or even when we tell them and still park here," Michael said.

“It is annoying with parking as there is very limited spaces and people come down here and park for the game."

And he's not alone in his parking woes.

One neighbour who has lived in the area for 25 years said travelling fans often dump their cars along her permitted road. 

She said: “They are not allowed to park here but that doesn’t always stop them.

"You see cars dotted around here who have parked when they shouldn’t."


Elizabeth, who lives next to the stadium, agreed.

She said: “I tend to stay in and work around the weekends they are playing as it is difficult to get around on these days. 

“The first week it opened I made the mistake of going to B&Q and when I came out the traffic was awful. 

“I ended up having to park about a mile from my road just to get back.”

Despite the residents' qualms, the stadium has given the area a much-needed boost to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

That's because since it opened about three years ago it has brought swells of people into the area, according to those working in the neighborhood.

Din Mohammed owns convenience shop Nipa Stores, which backs onto the stadium.

He said: "It’s great – it’s a real community club. We don’t get rowdy people, all the people who come in are good people.

“And with the crowds we get good business from them.”

Another worker, Ayman Mahnay, 39, said compared to other football stadiums, Brentford Football Club has got it right.


He knows that because while he works in the area, he lives Finsbury Park near Arsenal stadium.

The foot outlet worker said: “We don’t have any problems, in fact we get lots of business so the football days are always good for us. 

“There are no issues with drunk people.”

Ayman continued: "Here it is very calm and organised – I think because they have set it up very well.

“In Finsbury Park there is less space and less organisation so when there is a game it can be very busy and not as nice as here.”

Mark Cullen, 56, also works in the area and mirrored Ayman's views.

He said: “I used to live in Chelsea in the 80s and it was awful there because the area just couldn’t handle the mass of fans and what a big football event brings.

“Here they have learnt from other clubs on what not to do and have got it right."

Mark added: “Instead of being disruptive it gives the area a boost."

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