'Waiting for a birdie!' – Watch shocking moment 4ft venomous snake slithers out of second hole on golf course | The Sun

'Waiting for a birdie!' – Watch shocking moment 4ft venomous snake slithers out of second hole on golf course | The Sun

February 3, 2023

GOLFERS had the fright of their lives when a four-foot SNAKE appeared from a hole on a golf course.

At The Coast Golf Club in Sydney, Australia, any golfers hoping to get their ball out of the second hole from the course would have been given a nasty surprise.

According to Coast Golf's Instagram page, the snake was a red belly black.

The slithery customer had taken refuge from the Aussie heat in the hole.

All the groups whose games were impacted were happy to take the two putts offered due to its presence.

The snake saw a couple of groups along before it moved on by itself.


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One fan online joked: "Waiting for a birdie, an eagle, or an albatross?"

A second said: "That’s a birdie for everyone in the group😂"

Another shocked viewer said: "OMG!"

The red belly black is among the most frequently encountered snakes in Australia, with about 35 attacks per year.

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A bite from one would be no laughing matter either, with its venom able to cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle pain, sweating, weakness, headache, urine discolouration and abdominal pain.

If you're ever bit by one you can also expect heavy bleeding due to the venom having the added trait of stopping blood from clotting.

However, there have been no recorded deaths of a human after being bitten by one.

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The 33-year-old hit a respectable 65 in his first day of the tour, which sees him up against Pros such as Matt Fitzpatrick and celebs like NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and actor Billy Murray.

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