Vanilla Ice Offers Thoughts On WWE’s Rap Battle From ‘SmackDown Live’

Vanilla Ice Offers Thoughts On WWE’s Rap Battle From ‘SmackDown Live’

December 13, 2018

WWE tag team ‘The Bar’ borrowed from his song ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ and Vanilla Ice weighed in on the battle.

Last night on SmackDown Live, WWE had a rather interesting segment where current Tag Team Champions The Bar, consisting of Sheamus and Cesaro, took on The Usos in a rap battle. While the two teams verbally battled it out, former Tag Team Champions The New Day hosted the segment and kept things organized.

Sheamus and Cesaro came out sporting red jumpsuits and Kangol hats (Sheamus had a hole cut in his to show off his massive mohawk), which really helped them look the part — if the part was looking like rappers straight out of the ’80s. The Usos wore their traditional attire, which already looks enough like something you’d expect a couple of rappers to wear while “dropping bars.”

The SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions put their own spin on the legendary rap song “Ice, Ice, Baby.” Theirs was called “Ice, Ice, Sheamy,” and as you might expect, it was terrible.

But it was so terrible that it was actually funny. So funny in fact, that it caught the attention of Vanilla Ice, the man behind “Ice, Ice, Baby.”

He tweeted a video of the battle and said, “This is so bad it’s awesome. Love it”.

As the WWE put it in a blog post on their website, “And lest you think the rhymes fell on deaf ears, at least one individual had stopped, collaborated and listened.”

The Tweet was in response to WWE saying, “#TheBar’s #IceIceSheamy > @VanillaIce’s #IceIceBaby”. Anyone who watched the battle will probably disagree with the sentiment that “Ice, Ice, Sheamy” is better than the original, but clearly, Vanilla Ice didn’t take the callout too seriously, based on his response.

The segment was genuinely quite funny. Even the team of the Usos, who stood on the receiving end of the disses, had a hard time keeping a straight face. The New Day, who served as the hosts of the battle, could clearly be seen actually laughing at the ridiculousness of the battle.

Clearly, the Usos won, as they dropped some seriously heated lines that were actually quite entertaining. That is before The New Day, The Bar, and The Usos all got into a brawl, as tends to happen at the end of most wrestling segments.

The three teams are scheduled to go head-to-head for The Bar’s SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships this Sunday at the TLC event. The show airs on the WWE Network at 7 p.m. ET.

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