Toto Wolff dismisses Lewis Hamilton's quit threat and is confident world champ WILL sign new Mercedes deal

Toto Wolff dismisses Lewis Hamilton's quit threat and is confident world champ WILL sign new Mercedes deal

November 2, 2020

TOTO WOLFF has dismissed Lewis Hamilton's quit-threat and is confident the world champion WILL sign a new deal with Mercedes.

Hamilton, whose contract expires in December, made the startling revelation after winning the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix last Sunday.

Asked by SunSport about Wolff's own uncertain future, Hamilton replied: "I don't even know if I'm going to be here next year."

The revelation took the shine off Merc's celebrations after they won the F1 constructors' title for a record seventh time, and now Wolff has tried to play down talk of Hamilton leaving.

He said: "I think we go together in a way. We have a symbiosis and obviously it's important where our heart is and mindset is for next year.

"But I've said that this is my team. I'm in a very proud corner with Mercedes and I'm not going to go anywhere.

"My role may change in the future, and it's something that he is asked and, and I think nothing is ever secure.

"It was like Niki Lauda in the 1970's: you could wake up one morning on a Friday or Saturday morning on a track and say 'I'm just not having fun anymore.'

"And I think that can happen to anybody, but we want to continue this journey. We are not finished. Lewis and I and all the team, we're not finished."

It is most unusual to see both Wolff and Hamilton wind down their respective deals, especially as Valtteri Bottas was confirmed for 2021 back in August.

But Wolff says that the delay has been caused because they are focused on winning their respective titles.

And he hinted that Hamilton's talks may even rumble into next year before the season opener in Melbourne in the middle of March.

But Wolff, who is weighing up a new role as chairman of the Mercedes F1 team, says he is close to agreeing new terms.

He added: "With Mercedes and I, we are pretty much clear: it's just down to putting pen on the paper at the right moment.

"I was also concentrating on bringing these championships home and it always feels not right to spend days with lawyers, when I'm so focused on what's happening on track.

"That this is where Lewis and I are very similar. It just didn't feel the right opportune moment to sit down before those championships were not done.

"There will be a moment when the drivers' championship is going to be decided, to sit down. And we have a few months before the first race happens in Australia."

However, if Hamilton does indeed quit, it would not be the first time Mercedes and Wolff were caught cold.

Nico Rosberg made the shock decision to retire from F1 after winning the 2016 title, leaving Merc in the lurch.

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