Tony Bellew urges chiefs to stop Jake and Logan Paul boxing before it's too late and says neither would call him out

Tony Bellew urges chiefs to stop Jake and Logan Paul boxing before it's too late and says neither would call him out

May 13, 2021

TONY BELLEW has warned boxing authorities to put a stop to Jake and Logan Paul’s fight career – and claims neither would dare call him out.

The now-retired former WBC cruiserweight champion, 38, is among a host of ex-professional fighters to blast the YouTuber brothers who are now earning mega-money as boxers.

Jake, 24, took his record to 3-0 after controversially knocking out ex-UFC star Ben Askren last month in the first round.

Meanwhile Logan, 26, will earn £14million for his exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather next month.

But Bellew has warned the authorities to end the pair’s antics before somebody gets seriously hurt and boxing is damaged forever.

Speaking to BBC Headliners podcast, Bellew said: “First and foremost, what they are doing, they are not detracting from boxing at all and let’s get one thing straight – these guys aren’t fighters.

“If I go play football at Goodison Park tomorrow does that make me a footballer? I wish it would because I’d definitely just walk in and tell them I’m playing.

“The fact of the matter is these guys aren’t fighters and aren’t true boxers, they are someone who is having a go at a sport and competing a little bit.

“Now I’ve got no problem with that but they shouldn’t actually attach themselves and call themselves professional boxers or fighters in any kind of magnitude or substance because it’s wrong what they are doing to the sport by claiming they are these fighters.”

He continued: “I’m all OK with you making a few quid and doing alright but the only thing I’m going to say, and no-one has ever touched upon it before but you are going to hear it now for the first time.


“This is all good when they are making a few quid and everyone is making some money but understand that someone is going to get hurt doing this and then it’s going to come back on boxing.

“You need to take it seriously. Boxing is a professional, dangerous and brutal business – do not mess about and try to think this is showbusiness, cameras and lights and fun and games.

“There is nothing funny about being in a ring with another man who wants to take your head off your neck. I’ve been there and done it.

“I’ve fought with ten inch open gashes above my eye, broken noses and broken hands, it’s nothing to brag about but believe you me that someone will get hurt in one of these fights.

“That’s when it will come raining down and boxing will be called a joke of a sport and a disgrace and ‘this is wrong’ – so just stop it now.

“The guys are stupid and putting their lives at risk.”

Bellew then called for the stricter rules in boxing before a person can be classed as a ‘pro’, saying: “Boxing is the only combat sport in the world when a guy can just go up and apply to be a professional fighter with zero experience. 

“A coach can walk in, be working in a lifestyles gym or a no-mark gym anywhere in the world and say ‘I’m a boxing coach now’ with no qualifications.

“Put something in place where these guys have got to pass tests because honestly there are journeymen who would wipe the floor with these clowns.

“It’s disrespectful to the sport to think these guys are fighters. They are not fighters.”

When asked whether he would rise to the bait if either of the much-maligned brothers called him out, Bellew said it would take a lot more than social media jibes to get him back in the ring.

And even though he believes Mayweather’s comeback is more about the fame game than money, he still insisted the 50-0 legend will destroy Logan with ease.

Bellew added: “They would not shout my name – they understand the rules of boxing. You don’t play with people like me.

“He’s [Mayweather] not a joke but he understands the importance of fame. He’s been retired for how many years, went to Asia and knocked out the pizza boy and he’s spanked how many other people.

“You can’t mess around with people who are real fighters. This guy is going to get his backside handed to him off Floyd Mayweather. He’s gonna get played with and get absolutely schooled.

“The difference is that Floyd is a man of nine or ten stone. You come knocking on my door and I’m a man who is 17st and I can put 17st on the end of my fist. 

“If my fist of 17st hits you on the chin then you just don’t wake up. So don’t play with people like me as it’s dangerous and it’s wrong.

“I wouldn’t rise, no, unless someone confronts me personally – that’s the only way you’re gonna get the best out of me.

“All this social media, it’s water off a duck’s back. I’ve got skin as thick as a rhino’s backside and it doesn’t bother me.

“But if you come to me and bring it to me in my face then you’ve got to remember for every action there is a reaction and that’s just the way it goes.”

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