Tommy Fury will ‘s*** himself’ in Jake Paul fight, KSI predicts

Tommy Fury will ‘s*** himself’ in Jake Paul fight, KSI predicts

November 14, 2021

Jake Paul is favourite to beat Tommy Fury next month as the former Love Island will not be able to handle the occasion, KSI has predicted.

The YouTube star turned professional boxer faces Fury in Miami on December 18, in what is his first fight against an opponent with a history in boxing.

So far Paul, 24, has defeated fellow YouTuber ‘AnEsonGib’, former NBA player Nate Robinson and former UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Fury, 22, has won his first seven professional fights and will have his half-brother Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, in his corner.

But YouTuber KSI, who fought Jake Paul’s older brother Logan Paul, in two exhibition bouts in 2018 and 2019 has questioned whether Fury will be able to deal with the pressure of headlining a major event for the first time.


“I see Tommy losing, you know why? I see him s***ing himself on the big stage,” KSI said, before referencing John Fury’s comments on Fury in which he expressed doubts over whether he will be able to handle the occasion.

“I think that’s it, he knows you’ve got everything, you’re ready, you could f*** him up, but will you be able to act on the night? And he’s just not sure.”

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