Swedish champions sell former captain's DNA for £307 as a Christmas gift

Swedish champions sell former captain's DNA for £307 as a Christmas gift

December 23, 2018

The 38-year-old and fan favourite was forced to hang up his boots in February because of a heart condition.

But instead of just buying the player's shirt, fans can take the more drastic approach by purchasing his genetics – that lasts 500 years.

Scientists were able to take a swab from Johansson's mouth, crystallise the DNA and stick it in a test tube.

It comes complete with a captain's armband with the player's face on and is on sale for £307.

Johansson, who spent four years at Blackburn and two at Leicester, was at AIK for 11 years and won three trophies.

He told the BBC: "It's like Jurassic Park! In 500 years, you might see a lot of Johanssons running around, who knows?

"It is not 100% me; it is 99%. That 1% is very important for my own sake and protects my copyright to the DNA.

"You would not be able to put my DNA on a crime scene for instance, as it would not match perfectly, so you could tell it wasn't me.

"[If you cloned me] it would probably be right-footed instead of left-footed."

"You can get a worn match shirt that will have DNA in it, but it will be washed out,

"This is a way to keep you crystallised for 500 years.

"You can bring your favourite player home with you, keep him and have them for a very long time. A lot of fans love to collect things – this could be one of those things.

"When I first got asked to do this, I was taken aback, I thought it was quite scary – has technology gone too far?

"But it is fun to push the boundaries, see if the fans like it, and the reaction has mostly been positive.

"My wife is OK with it. We have the ultimate DNA of our three kids running around at home."

There are 371 boxes available – one for each game he played in.

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