Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuettl gives fans free beers to raise club spirit

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuettl gives fans free beers to raise club spirit

December 15, 2018

The new Saints boss has sent letters to all 19,000 season-ticket holders ahead of his first home game against Arsenal tomorrow.

He thanked fans for their support, urged them to get behind the team against the Gunners — and included a drinks' voucher as an incentive.

The Austrian, 51, said: "I'm a guy who always brings everyone to roll with us and it's important to have a good relationship with the fans.

"You have to build up your credit. It is like an account.

"You can't always take money out — now we have to put money in the account.

"You can feel every day Southampton is an important part of everyone's life in this area and everyone wants to keep this club in this division.

"It's a big chance to help and get lucky again.

"We want to make it possible to have fantastic moments again and emotional moments.

"If the fans can celebrate with a win on Sunday they should do it and I'm the first to congratulate them."

Saints fans will not be holding their breath given they have only one home league win in over a year.

Hasenhuettl has worked his players extra hard with longer training sessions this week — and even cancelled their day off on Monday.

The ex-Leipzig chief has had private meetings with half his squad so far as he tries to get to know them better in a bid to reverse their fortunes.

He added: "This week there were 12 players on my couch for a one-toone speech with me.

"By the end of next week, I will have spoken to every guy eye-to-eye.

"I wanted to know everything about them, about their history, what they're thinking.

"You find how they work, what their problems are.

"In this short time we have, it's very necessary to know every player. I think they appreciated it."

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