Romain Grosjean's wife Marion claims their children inspired F1 star to survive blazing fireball crash in emotional post

Romain Grosjean's wife Marion claims their children inspired F1 star to survive blazing fireball crash in emotional post

November 30, 2020

ROMAIN GROSJEAN'S wife has written an emotional post on social media claiming their children helped inspire him to survive his horror crash.

The Frenchman was trapped in his burning Haas car for 20 seconds after a terrifying collision with a barrier at 140mph at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Grosjean, 34, eventually clambered out of the wreck – in which his car split in two – and was treated in hospital overnight with burns to his hands.

Miraculously, those were his only injuries and Grosjean was left in no doubt that the car's halo saved his life having protected his head from the barriers.

And wife Marion has spoken out over the life-threatening incident claiming their three children 'led him from the fire.'

She wrote: "Obviously, I didn't sleep last night and, to be honest, I'm not sure what to write as words don't come easily.

"I didn't know what to post as a photo, either. What image to keep from yesterday? That of the flames? Of him being held by the track workers? The wreckage of his car?

"I put this one, where we're both wearing the same GP2 title t-shirt. The one I still sleep in sometimes.

"I would have preferred it to have the word 'superhero' rather than 'champion', but if we have to we'll have it custom made.

"For our children, because that's how we explain the inexplicable.

"I also wrote on Twitter of how a shield of love protected him.

"I have thanks for the medical workers, the friendship and all who have shown support, affection and kindness."

"Thanks to Jules Bianchi's family, to his father Philippe, whom I keep thinking about. To Jules himself. To Kevin Magnussen for his words. To the Canal + teams for their delicacy.

"Thank you to our children who led him out of the fire.

"Thanks to his courage, his relentlessness, his strength, his love, his physical training, which probably kept him alive too. It didn't take one miracle, it took several. Kisses."

Romain and Marion met in 2008 and married four years later.

They have two sons, Sacha aged seven and Simon, five, and a daughter Camile aged two.

Lewis Hamilton also paid his respects to the medics who helped Grosjean escape the ball of flames.

Alongside video footage, he wrote: "This could have been any one of us sitting in hospital but the strength he’s shown is amazing to see.

"I’d like to thank our marshals and medical team for being on the scene and tending to Romain without hesitation.

"Knowing that you’re there to pick us up when we fall is helpful."

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