Pretty Deadly are the 'regular men' the UK needs as they tell WWE tag champs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn: 'It's coming home' | The Sun

Pretty Deadly are the 'regular men' the UK needs as they tell WWE tag champs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn: 'It's coming home' | The Sun

June 30, 2023

PRETTY DEADLY says they are the 'kind' and 'regular men' that the UK needs as WWE champions – and insist that tonight: "It's coming home!"

Elton Prince and Kit Wilson have burst onto the scene after making the jump from NXT to the main roster.

And the two Englishmen, famed for their fashion style and substance, are now the No.1 contenders for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens' WWE Tag Team Titles.

They get that opportunity later at London's O2 Arena on the last episode of SmackDown before Saturday's huge Money In The Bank extravaganza.

Kit, real name Sam Stoker, exclusively told Sun Sport: "It couldn’t be better. This is the big one."

Elton continued: "It’s going to be 30 minutes from my parents house, it’s wild.


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"Our families have seen us perform in front of just 100 people. So now, to be in London at the O2 in front of a sold out crowd is wild."

The always entertaining pair then joined forces to perfectly belt out in unison: "It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, the titles are coming home."

After watching their progress through NXT UK and NXT, since their arrival on the main roster WWE fans around the world have all seen what they are capable of.

But some of their cheating antics and outlandish behaviour and fashion attire seems to have irked much of the WWE Universe in the States.

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However, both men in Pretty Deadly believe that they could be champions that England could be proud of as they explained the difference between them and Scotland's former WWE champ Drew McIntyre.

Elton said: "I’m gonna go for this one. The reason I think that we could be good champions for the UK is that Drew McIntyre is so great, such a big guy and he’s almost larger than life with his stature.

"But something good about me and kit is, if I dare say it, if we walked down the street we just look like you’re regular man."

Kit jumped in and said: "We would be the peoples champions. That’s what is exciting about us.

"If you look at our stature, we are maybe not people that you’d expect to be in WWE, especially in the main event scene and going for the titles. So I think that’s a cool message for the UK fans.

"Americans are bit different, they are brought up in a school system, it’s very militant, and they are told every single day that they are born for greatness.

"But the English, we don’t necessarily think these things will come true."

Elton added: "I didn’t think that we’d be here but here we are.

"Pretty Deadly are on top getting bigger and bigger and I think that’s a great thing to see for UK fans."

So we have seen that they are both Pretty and Deadly – but what else are they?

Kit said: "Most importantly we are just kind men. We are polite. I just think out of all the answers, kind men is very good for us.

"Thoughtful, gift giving and our love language is love."

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And Elton then revealed: "Speaking of gift giving, Kit got me a cameo for my birthday from Jay of the Inbetweeners.

"But that will not be played in a public place. It’s not PG – but I’m just putting over how good he is."

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