O'Sullivan defends his carefree snooker: 'That's why we have Prada and TK Maxx'

O'Sullivan defends his carefree snooker: 'That's why we have Prada and TK Maxx'

December 10, 2019

Ronnie O’Sullivan has defended his ultra-aggressive, carefree brand of snooker by saying: ‘That’s why we have Prada and TK Maxx.’

The Rocket edged out Dominic Dale 4-3 in the first round of the Scottish Open on Tuesday afternoon in a match full of incident in Glasgow.

The 44-year-old fouled in the third frame as he played a red before the referee re-spotted a colour, although much more bizarre scenes were to come.

O’Sullivan needed the black to win the fourth frame and with the final ball over the middle pocket, he tried to play a banana shot, which missed and sent the white ball off the table, costing him the frame.

There has been some criticism of the world number three as it appears he is not putting 100% effort into his matches, but the Rocket believes he is just offering up a different kind of snooker.

‘Not everyone’s going to enjoy everything,’ O’Sullivan said after beating the Spaceman. ‘There’s a lot of people who enjoy the way I’ve played over the years, they’ve supported me and they love the way I’ve played snooker.

‘They come and watch me in exhibitions and I get standing ovations.

‘It’s a fine line to tread. Probably a lot of them are [Mark] Selby fans, there’s going to be people who appreciate different types of snooker and that’s great.

‘That’s why we have Prada and TK Maxx, you don’t have to buy Prada, you can go down TK Maxx and get yourself a nice Dunlop t-shirt if you like.

‘It’s just variety, variety is good.’

Even before the remarkable missed black, Ronnie took on an outrageously difficult long brown, which he potted, and he feels he deserves praise for the effort, not criticism for taking on difficult shots.

‘It’s a great shot!’ O’Sullivan continued. ‘Get any top 16 player to go down there and play that shot, it’s not an easy shot, I think I need a round of applause for that shot.’

The five-time world champion recovered from 3-1 behind to beat Dale, and insists he will stick to his brand of snooker, because his own enjoyment is the most important thing.

‘I feel like I’m cueing alright. You can’t do much about someone going 3-1 up on you, it’s not easy,’ said O’Sullivan.

‘I probably was going for a few too many, which I have been doing, but I’m enjoying it. The most important thing is to enjoy it.

‘I love it, that’s how I play in exhibitions and enjoy it. I don’t want to play 50-60 minute frames, that’s not me. Either die early or kill early.’

The Rocket will return for second round action against either Sunny Akani or his World Championship conqueror James Cahill.

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