Mose Masoe reveals uncertainty over what happens next ahead of return to Australia

Mose Masoe reveals uncertainty over what happens next ahead of return to Australia

October 30, 2021

MOSE Masoe is ready to say farewell to the UK – then comes the uncertainty.

That is provided his flight to Australia is not cancelled at the last minute, like it was for former Castleford player Grant Millington.

The Hull KR star knows about the life he leaves behind when he departs on November 20.

Tonight sees a farewell dinner in Hull in his honour, with about 500 people attending after a fundraising effort to help his fightback after being left temporarily paralysed in a freak accident during a pre-season match last January that ended his career.

He also knows he, partner Carissa and three children will go through two weeks of prison-like quarantine if he makes it to Australia.

Apart from that, he does not know where he will be, where he will eventually live or what he and his family will do for money.

The prop is not eligible for benefits in Australia as he is a New Zealand citizen and Masoe, who had a ligament in his neck snap and block his spinal cord, said: “I really don’t know what I’ll be doing.

“I’ve no qualifications for an office job. Mine are all about working outdoors, so I’ve got to see what I can do.

“Getting involved with a rugby league team is the goal but I guess I’d be down the pecking order compared to people who went to university. It’ll just be a case of waiting and seeing.

“And Carissa’s got so much on her plate. She cares for me all day, then there’s the kids too. She’s doing the job of both mum and dad.

“We’re not really sorted yet for where we’re going to live. We know the area, the Sunshine Coast, now we’re trying to figure out whether it’s cheaper to buy a house and make adaptations or build from scratch. That’s probably the route we’ll go down.

“Physios are really expensive so I’ll probably cut down from three days to once or twice a week.

“At the moment, I’m just getting used to the fatigue. I do a little bit more every day and I get tired – two steps forward, one step back.

“But I’m happy with where I am now. If I do more things I get tired but if I don’t, I don’t improve.

“We’re booked on a flight to Brisbane. After the dinner we have to do everything we can to avoid Covid-19. Otherwise, our flight will be moved until next year.

“I’m told Grant’s flight got cancelled after he sold his house and everything. We’re quite nervous about it then if we get there, we quarantine for 23 hours a day with only an hour out. I think they get a better deal at prison!

“We don’t know where we’ll quarantine until we get off the plane. It could be a hotel, an apartment, another part of Queensland or in another state. It’s crazy.

“The main issue will be making sure the kids behave. They’ll miss their friends too. My daughter Marlowe is six-years-old and England is all she knows.”

Even though tonight sees a farewell dinner in aid of the Mose Masoe Foundation, the 32-year-old Samoa international has aims before he leaves – helping others.

And he will take memories of his glory days on the field with him as he added: “The week before I leave, another spinal guy from my physio is trying to walk 5km at East Park in Hull.

“If I feel like doing that, I’ll certainly try. We’re going to miss everyone, not just from rugby but our neighbours, other parents from school and sports teams the kids play for.

“In terms of best on field moments, it’ll be winning the Grand Final with St Helens in 2014 – getting promotion with KR in 2017 is a close second.

“And it’ll be emotional at the dinner. There’ll be people there who’ve helped me since the accident happened. I didn’t even know I knew 500 people!”

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