Mike Tyson blasted UFC boss Dana White for telling him not to fight at 54 and says he couldn't turn down $100m pay day

Mike Tyson blasted UFC boss Dana White for telling him not to fight at 54 and says he couldn't turn down $100m pay day

March 11, 2021

 UFC president Dana White has revealed Mike Tyson rang him up and roasted him for blasting his comeback fight last year.

The Baddest Man on the Planet, 54, came out of retirement to take on Roy Jones Jr, 51, in an exhibition in November.

The highly-anticipated bout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles ended as a draw with no knockouts allowed.

Despite many youngsters being excited at the prospect of getting to witness one of the greatest fighters ever climbing back into the ring, many mocked Iron Mike and the whole event due to his age.

White has one of those to publicly criticise and mock the showdown after hearing the rules, saying: “They’re not allowed to knock each other out?

“How do you enforce that? I’d like to bet that doesn’t happen. Can you bet on that?”

He also hit out at the veterans being allowed to compete again due to their age – however he soon changed his tune after a phone call from the former world heavyweight boxing champ.

White was a guest on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast, and he explained: “Somebody asked me at a press conference about it and I said ‘I don’t like it, I don’t want them to do it, this and that…’

“Then he called me and was like: ‘Listen man, we’ve been friends for a long time but I’m a grown ass man, if I wanna fight I’m gonna f***ing fuck! Don’t be f***ing negative about my fight.’”

“And I said ‘you know what, you’re right. You won’t hear a f***ing peep out of me again.’

“Then when I watched the fight I thought he looked really f***ing good.”


Tyson then chipped in, saying: “Forget that though and listen to this.

“I’m 54 and they are going to give me $100m fight and you think that I’m going to say no?

“That’s more than I got fighting for championships!”

White replied: “I love the guy but I just have this thing when you get to a certain age it is tough to perform at a level you did when you were younger.

“There’s no reason… he can make money anywhere and doing anything.

“But, he’s not wrong and I will admit it, when you get offered that sort of f***ing money, it’s hard to turn down to do something you’ve been good at your entire life.”

White also sent Tyson wild as UFC boss bet $1m on Jake Paul to LOSE to Ben Askren in their upcoming boxing fight – before the YouTuber doubled the wager.


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