London Marathon 2020: Ballot details, date and entry requirements for next year's race

London Marathon 2020: Ballot details, date and entry requirements for next year's race

April 24, 2019

THERE are few greater feats of endurance than completing a marathon.

Every year thousands of people head to the capital for the annual London Marathon – and if you've been inspired by the sight of the runners this year, in 2020 you could be one of them.

How can I apply?

THE marathon is a hugely popular event and almost always ends up over-subscribed.

For the 2018 race, more than 400,00 people applied for the 17,500 spaces available.

To have a chance at being one of them in 2020, you need to head over to the official London Marathon website and apply using the ballot, which will open shortly after the conclusion of the 2019 race.

An exact date hasn't yet been confirmed – but for this year's event, the ballot opened on May 6, 2018.

It's free to enter into the ballot, with applicants told in October whether they have been successful or not – if you have, there is an entry fee of around £35 for club affiliated runners and £39 for non-club affiliated runners to pay.

All applicants to the ballot must be aged 18 or over.

What happens if I miss out on the ballot?

IF you miss out on a place, there are other ways in which you can take part.

You can try and apply using a charity entry for the 2020 race.

Most major charities have a set number of places reserved for them each year and allocate these to runners on the basis that they will raise an agreed amount of money.

You'll need to contact your chosen charity directly to see if they've got any places to offer you.

To see a list of charities most likely to be involved, head over to this list on the London Marathon website.

Otherwise, you'll have to be a gifted athlete, but you can also try the Good For Age Entry.

These are spots reserved for 6,000 people and are open to both men and women who have run marathons in the allocated times listed here.


When is London Marathon 2020?

THERE's yet to be a concrete date set for next year's event.

But traditionally the marathon is held on one of the final two Sunday's in April.

This year it is being held on Sunday, April 28.

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