Lincoln fans to take giant inflatable penises to Notts Co after chairman's 'intimate photo' gaffe

Lincoln fans to take giant inflatable penises to Notts Co after chairman's 'intimate photo' gaffe

February 1, 2019

Alan Hardy was left red-faced after accidentally tweeting a picture of his own genitalia on Sunday.

And the story took a further twist as Hardy put Notts County –bottom of League Two- up for sale just hours after.

And the travelling Lincoln fans plan on rubbing it in Hardy’s face tomorrow at Meadow Lane, coming armed with a number of inflatable penises.

But the mickey-taking Imps hope the stunt will go down well after announcing they will do it to support people fighting prostate cancer.

Lincoln fan Jack Mulhall said: “One supporter suggested it would be good to make something out of the unfortunate incident, so we decided to set up the Just Giving page.

“We hope to raise not only money but some much needed awareness.

“Hopefully Alan Hardy will forgive the mass of inflatables on Saturday. Really we just wanted to make a positive into what could be viewed as a negative.”

The FA confirmed they looked into the incident but will not take any further action.

Hardy, 54, took the picture down shortly after the cock-up, but unfortunately for him some eagle-eyed twitter users had already taken screengrabs.

He deactivated his account afterwards and sheepishly said: “Let me say, I'm absolutely devastated. I'm mortified about what's happened.

“I apologise to my family, my friends, all my work colleagues. It's clearly an accident and I'm devastated by it.

"I don't know if you've ever done a screen grab before, but you press the 'home' button.

"I was screen grabbing a tweet. What I didn't realise was that along the bottom, out of vision that you can't actually see, are eight miniature pictures from your camera roll. I posted it not knowing that my camera roll was included as part of that tweet."

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