Kyle Walker 'finds Mendy' after Man City star's Hong Kong prank

Kyle Walker 'finds Mendy' after Man City star's Hong Kong prank

February 9, 2019

The Manchester City star was trolled by his team mate Walker after posting a picture on social media that implied he was in Asia.

Mendy caused some consternation with the post, which left City boss Pep Guardiola baffled when he was informed of it at a press conference on Friday.

When told the Frenchman had claimed to be in Hong Kong, Guardiola said: “Hong Kong? Wow, I didn’t know it. F**k, he’s a lucky guy!”

Mendy soon took to Twitter to confirm that he had simply been kidding, writing: “I was just joking with my Uber driver, I don’t want no problems Pep.”

The events led to the creation of the Twitter hashtag #WhereIsMendy, with both the player and his team mate Walker joining in with the joke.

Walker tweeted a mock-up of the well-known ‘Where’s Wally?’ book cover, adjusted to say ‘Where’s Mendy?’ with the hashtag added.

Mendy then posted a live clip of Manchester Airport captioned ‘Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa’ with the message “Good night los twittos”, also using the hashtag.

But today, the England full back took to Instagram to say that Mendy had been found – and pictured the Frenchman in the Manchester City dressing room.

Some City fans failed to see the funny side, though.

One tweeted: “It’s not funny anymore mate, you need to get fit ASAP”, while another said “How about you become a bit more serious?”.

Mendy is continuing to recover from a knee injury, which will rule him out of tomorrow’s clash with Chelsea at the Etihad.

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