Judd Trump's pleas for snooker to be brought 'out of the dark ages' answered with rule change on player's clothing

Judd Trump's pleas for snooker to be brought 'out of the dark ages' answered with rule change on player's clothing

November 13, 2021

JUDD TRUMP has seen demands for a more modern dress code answered for next week’s Champion of Champions.

But the Juddernaut, who claimed in April snooker was “stuck in a rut”, will not be walking out in casual clobber at the Crucible any time soon.

World No2 Trump, 32, lines up in Bolton in the elite 16-player field for an event bringing together the year’s winners.

And he will enter the arena wearing a new black personalised performance shirt – of the type seen in nine-ball pool.

This starkly contrasts with the traditional snooker get-up of waistcoats, suit trousers, shirts and bow ties.

But governing body World Snooker Tour insist this move will not be extended to events such as the UK Championship later this month, and the Betfred World Championship.

Former world champion Trump said: “It is about time, it’s nice to see them trying out new ideas and bringing snooker into the 21st century.

“And it will also be nice to be playing in a big tournament in attire that is a lot more comfortable – similar to what I would wear in practise.


“The shirts are smart and I feel they will appeal to younger fans and viewers."

In April a frustrated Trump had lashed out, saying: “Snooker is kind of stuck in a rut…not enough is being done on the whole image of snooker.

“I’ve got the golf on and their clothing is all changing, becoming more lenient for the younger generation.

“I don’t want to be stuck in a waistcoat walking to the Crucible, it’s not cool to be wearing that nowadays.

“If I think that then I know people younger than me won’t want to be dressed like that either.

“To make new stars and make the game popular again in the UK and bring it back to where it was you need to move with the times.

“Keep the trousers, shoes, just maybe polo shirts or something more relaxed and different. You don’t need to be dressed in a five-piece suit every time you go to a game.”

A World Snooker Tour spokesperson said on Friday: “We welcome and have introduced alternative dress codes for different individual tour events during the season.

“However there are no plans to change the dress code for the biggest events including the Betfred World Championship.

“The smart appearance of players is seen as a strength of the sport in many around the world where snooker is played and watched.”

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