Jorginho prays every game for his Chelsea team-mates not to get hurt

Jorginho prays every game for his Chelsea team-mates not to get hurt

January 12, 2019

The former Napoli star added he doesn't have any weird pre-match rituals – but makes sure to ask that no one gets hurt.

He told the Chelsea programme: "I wouldn't say I have superstitions, more rituals.

"I like to pray before a game to give thanks for being in that moment and to ask only that no harm comes to anyone in the match, and that it is a great spectacle and a great game."

Jorginho has seen some weird things from his team-mates, however.

He added: "There were those who had their particular way of doing things, like stepping onto the pitch with the right foot first or those who wouldn't touch the lines on the pitch, even during the game!

"I even remember one who didn't like the colour purple – he thought it was unlucky."

The 27-year-old, who was born in Brazil but has 13 caps for Italy, added he never gets nervous.

He said: "Honestly, I don't really get nervous on a matchday.

"I just want the game to arrive because I want to get on and play.

"When I'm stood in the tunnel before the game, I like to think about past meetings and to consider how it is a special moment for me every time I go out onto the pitch.

"For me it's a fantastic thing because, every match, I think of everything I have gone through in life and all that has happened for me to arrive in this moment.

"I'm calm and any emotion I feel is a good one, not nervousness."

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