Joleon Lescott urges Premier League players to keep taking the knee

Joleon Lescott urges Premier League players to keep taking the knee

October 10, 2022

Joleon Lescott urges Premier League players to continue taking the knee to ‘keep an impact’ despite Rio Ferdinand suggesting ‘football isn’t going to eradicate racism’ on dedicated ‘No Room For Racism’ weekend

  • Joleon Lescott has urged Premier League players to continue taking the knee
  • The former defender said performing the gesture at games will ‘keep an impact’
  • Rio Ferdinand however suggested that football won’t be able to eradicate racism
  • Players across the league took the knee on a ‘No Room For Racism’ weekend 

Joleon Lescott has urged footballers to continue taking the knee before games.

Players in the Premier League performed the gesture before matches this weekend after games were signposted as dedicated ‘No Room For Racism’ fixtures, after the decision was made to stop doing it every week at the start of the season.

Lescott, working as a pundit on BT Sport for Everton v Manchester United, said the gesture ‘keeps an impact’ when it is performed, insisting it sparks conversation.

Joleon Lescott had urged Premier League players to continue taking the knee before games

The gesture is sometimes performed as a stance against racism and discrimination in society

‘I went to the Lionesses on the weekend and my daughter asked me why they were doing it,’ the former England defender said.

‘I hadn’t realised she wasn’t aware of racism and the issues people go through, so definitely keep doing it because it keeps an impact.’

Rio Ferdinand, also working on the game, suggested ‘football isn’t going to eradicate’ racism, and insisted taking the knee before only certain games ‘takes away the impact’. 

Players take the knee before dedicated games this season as a sign of solidarity and respect 

‘Whether you like it or not, someone will be educated when that question comes up’, he said. 

‘I think it takes away the impact when you see it only some games. It sparks a conversation. Whether you agree with it or not, that’s what you need to try and fight racism. 

‘Football isn’t going to eradicate it but it is a conversation starter which is what you need.’

Rio Ferdinand said football won’t eradicate racism but the gesture sparks conversation

England and USA women took the knee before their friendly fixture as Wembley on Friday

The gesture became a staple of English football for two years as players sought to show their support for equality following the sickening death of George Floyd in the USA due to police brutality.

The decision to stop after every game was made after the 20 Premier League club captains agreed the gesture had lost its gravitas. 

The initiative will last for the next two round of fixtures.

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