Jeremy Lin won’t name culprit behind ‘shocking’ incident

Jeremy Lin won’t name culprit behind ‘shocking’ incident

February 27, 2021

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Jeremy Lin will not reveal the identity of the basketball player who allegedly called him “coronavirus” on the court.

Lin’s accusation of racism prompted an investigation by the G-League, the NBA’s developmental league where the former Knicks guard is playing this season with the Warriors affiliate.

“I know this will disappoint some of you, but I am not naming or shaming anyone,” Lin posted on Instagram on Saturday. “What good does it do for someone in this situation to be torn down? It doesn’t make my community safer or solve any of our long-term problems with racism.”

Lin, 32, shared his story on Facebook to bring awareness to the prejudices encountered by himself and other Asian-Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Former President Donald Trump often referred to COVID-19 as “the China virus” due to its Wuhan origins. More than 500,000 Americans have died of COVID-19.

“Fighting ignorance with ignorance will get us nowhere,” Lin posted. “Sharing our own pain by painting another group of people with stereotypes is NOT the way.

“Instead, if you want to truly help, look for the Asian kid that has no one to speak up for him when he’s bullied. Look for the Asian-American groups that are experiencing poverty but getting overlooked. Support the Asian-American movie or TV show that gives real opportunity to tell different stories. Look for the Asian people that are scared to walk around in their neighborhood and ask how you can help them.”

Lin has spoken throughout his career about being subjected to stereotypes, going back to his time as a star at Harvard. He was the first American-born NBA player of Chinese descent when he broke through in 2010, before the brief “Linsanity” sensation swept through New York.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr reacted to Lin being called “coronavirus” by an opponent.

“It’s just shocking,” Kerr said. “I can’t wrap my head around any of it. But I can’t wrap my head around racism in general.”

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