Jenny Taft goes off on Skip Bayless in fiery ‘Undisputed’ feud

Jenny Taft goes off on Skip Bayless in fiery ‘Undisputed’ feud

August 11, 2021

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“Undisputed” host Jenny Taft gave co-host Skip Bayless the business on Wednesday’s episode of the FS1 show.

While discussing HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” which features the Cowboys in its new season, Taft took issue with Bayless over his comment about Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy’s physical appearance.

“I don’t know if Mike McCarthy’s motivational speech [in ;Hard Knocks’] was the most inspiring, but criticizing his appearance — I don’t know if that’s a fair shot for Mike McCarthy, I’m going to leave it at that,” Taft said.

When she attempted to move on with the show, Bayless said, “Thanks, Jenny, appreciate that,” to which she reiterated, “I don’t think it is a fair shot.”

Bayless hit back, “Well, I don’t think that’s a fair shot.”

Taft, who played lacrosse at Boston University, didn’t back down from her argument.

“Is everyone who’s ever coached as fit as you, Skip? I don’t think that’s a fair shot whatsoever,” she said. “I’ve actually had plenty of coaches that have not had the perfect, ideal physique, including my college coach, so I don’t think that’s a fair shot.”

Bayless explained his opinions about McCarthy’s appearance were fueled by “personal preference” and therefore, “I wouldn’t want [McCarthy] to be my head coach.”

Taft then reminded Bayless, “I’m allowed to have an opinion, Skip. I am allowed to say whatever I want to say on this show, as you do too.”

While she previewed sports analyst Chris Brossard’s upcoming appearance on the show, Taft fiercely added, “And maybe I have more to say.”

Twitter users who caught Taft’s dialogue were quick to praise the host on social media and slam Bayless for his “ignorant comments.”

“Damn Jenny Taft pissed. Skip pretty much said she doesn’t have a voice on the show!,” one viewer tweeted.

“Jenny Taft just checked Skip Bayless like he should have been!,” another added.

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