Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Live updates from grudge rematch

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Live updates from grudge rematch

December 19, 2021

Jake Paul knocks out bitter rival Tyron Woodley with a HUGE right hand in the sixth round of their rematch after surviving a big cut caused by a clash of heads with the ex-UFC star in Florida

  • Jake Paul destroyed Tyron Woodley with a brutal one-punch knockout
  • The 24-year-old was cut badly in the third, but ended the fight in the sixth round 
  • ‘The Problem Child’ beat Woodley via split decision in their first bout in August
  • Paul was set to fight Tommy Fury instead, before the Brit pulled out with injury 
  • He called out UFC stars Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz with the victory 

Jake Paul showed grit, heart and genuine power as he brutally knocked out Tyron Woodley to end their grudge rematch in style, answering his critics once more with a destructive performance in Tampa, Florida. 

Landing perhaps the only big punch of the fight, Paul ended proceedings with a picture-perfect overhand right in the sixth round, having overcome a huge cut to the forehead caused by an accidental clash of heads.

Paul, who insisted the win was the ‘greatest moment of my life’ moved to 5-0 and remained unbeaten with the victory, calling out Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz in the immediate aftermath.  

Jake Paul (right) claimed a huge knockout victory over Tyron Woodley on Sunday morning

The 24-year-old moved to 5-0 as a professional with his stunning victory in Tampa, Florida 

Woodley was checked over after suffering a brutal knockout in the sixth round of the bout

The crowd was clearly in favour of Paul, who made his way to the ring with a message for Tommy Fury, who was initially scheduled to take on unbeaten American before withdrawing due to a broken rib and a chest infection.

‘Hey Tommy, wish you could’ve been here but watching from a TV is cool too,’ was the message displayed across his top

Woodley admitted he lost the opening three rounds in the pair’s first fight – which he lost via split decision – and looked to be the aggressor early on, but it was Paul who took centre ring in a cagey first round, one that led to boos from the Tampa crowd.

Fighting with a chip on his shoulder, Paul stepped it up in the second round, landing with a sharp combination and finishing it with a left-hook to the head as he built an early lead.

Woodley looked to show better activity in round one but it was Paul who took centre ring

Paul looked the more relaxed of the two, but disaster struck in round three, after an accidental headbutt – which the referee initially called an elbow – saw a heavy cut open on ‘The Problem Child’s’ forehead, with Woodley looking to go in for the stoppage.

We would now find out what Paul is truly made of. Heading into the fourth, where he was rocked heavily in their first bout, trainer BJ Flores calmed his fighter down, insisting the cut had been dealt with.

If there was any reminder that Woodley is a relative novice in the boxing ring – with their bout in August his only prior professional outing – it came in the fourth, where the American quite literally lifted his opponent off the ground, before sending him crashing down to the canvas. Of course, he was given a stern warning. 

Paul suffered a gruesome cut to the forehead after an accidental clash of heads in round three

Former UFC champion Woodley picked Paul up and threw him to the canvas in round four

But in the sixth round Paul landed the telling blow as he knocked Woodley out with one punch

There were boos once more in Florida as round five offered little action, with the pair clashing heads again as Woodley, the shorter man, came in looking to make something happen.

There were no boos in round six, though, as Paul ended the fight with one, destructive right-hand. The American has now knocked out all four of his opponents.

Speaking in the immediate aftermath, he said ‘This is as real as it gets, just like my right hand. I told you, I was going to f*** him up. And I f**** him up.

‘This guy is a legend and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks’ notice. Tommy Fury is a b**** for pulling out of the fight.

‘It was a tough fight. I had blood in my eyes. I had the job done. I was setting the punch up the whole fight. He didn’t see it coming. Like a lumberjack, timber.

‘It’s got to be the moment of my life. Look at my year. Four fights, four knockouts. Masvidal and Nate Diaz – you are b***** for leaving this arena. I will f*** you up too. Anyone, anytime, any place.’

What will come next for Paul remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt he answered a lot of questions in there on Sunday morning.  

Paul celebrated with his team having claimed genuine adversity in his fifth professional fight

A downbeat Woodley, 39, waved to the Florida crowd as he made his way out of the ring

RECAP: Relive the action, as MATT DAVIES takes you through the action from tonight.  

Host commentator

Thanks for joining us for the thrilling affair in Tampa, Florida, as Jake Paul truly made his mark on the boxing world.

“This is as real as it gets, just like my right hand. I told you, I was going to f*** him up. AND I F***** HIM UP.

“This guy is a legend and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks’ notice. Tommy Fury is a b**** for pulling out of the fight.

“It was a tough fight. I had blood in my eyes. I had the job done. I was setting the punch up the whole fight. He didn’t see it coming. Like a lumberjack, timber.

“It’s got to be the moment of my life. Look at my year. Four fights, four knockouts. Masvidal and Nate Diaz – you are b***** for leaving this arena. I will f*** you up too. Anyone, anytime, any place.”

We found out a lot about Paul tonight. This is what he had to overcome.

What’s in store for Paul next, then? The 5-0 boxer calls out Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz in victory. 

He asks: ‘What now? What now? What now? 

The result was, of course, already known, but Paul has officially had his hands raised out there. 

‘I told you I was going to f*** him up,’ he says, as Woodley comes over to show a sign of respect. 

We’ve just seen a replay of the punch that ended it all. That was as clean as it comes. Picture-perfect overhand right. Wow. 

Wow. That was absolutely incredible! Jake Paul just knocked out Tyron Woodley CLEAN with one punch! He showed what he’s made of in there. He. Has. Power.

We’re into the second half of the fight, scheduled for eight rounds. Paul seems to have forgotten about his jab out there, as their heads collide once more with Woodley – the shorter man – coming in. 

The crowd boo again. They want action, and the ref is getting involved now, as he says there’s too much holding. 

The good news for Paul is that the cut over his head doesn’t seem to be opening up again, for now anyway. 

I have to say, I’m not entirely sure what Woodley is doing. He lands with a swift combination, but he’s not really pushing the pace here. Even round. 

What have we just seen? Woodley quite literally picks Paul up and throws him to the floor. The referee gives him a telling off, but Paul is breathing from his mouth already out there. 

That wasn’t boxing, but wrestling. 

Woodley isn’t yet taking advantage of the situation, with the winner of that round up for debate. You feel the fight is there for the taking for the former UFC star. 

Wow. Paul is cut, badly! He started the round with a good right hand, but he suffers a gruesome cut from an accidental headbutt. 

The blood is pouring from his forehead, and Woodley looks to be come the aggressor. Paul manages to back him off, but he’s definitely retreated somewhat. 

Now we’ll find out what Paul is made of. This is a concern. Plenty of work to do in the corner. Paul looks uncomfortable as the blood drips into his eye. 

Paul connects with the first big shot of the fight as he throws an overhand right.

He then lands again with a nice combination, left and right, before Woodley returns with his first punch connected of the fight.

Woodley admitted he lost the first three rounds in the first fight, having started slow. He’s falling into the same trap again, as Paul finishes the round with a left hand to the head. 

That was definitely Paul’s round – probably 2-0.  

And the fight is underway! 

It’s Woodley who comes out quick, looking for an overhand right, which doesn’t connect. 

The crowd is totally in Paul’s favour here, as they chant for the YouTuber-turned boxer. 

Paul lands with a couple of jabs, but it’s slightly messy as both clinch. It’s tense out there, and there’s boos after a non-eventful first round. 

Difficult one to score, but Paul was probably more active there. 

The announcements have now been made, Woodley and Paul have both been introduced and the teams have departed the ring. 

Woodley, who has vowed to continue boxing whatever happens tonight, is looking to avenge the points defeat he suffered in August. 

Paul, on the other hand, is looking to move to 5-0. 

It’s time!!

Both fighters are in the ring, and it’s almost time for the eagerly-anticipated grudge rematch to get underway!  

He kept us waiting, but here he is! Jake Paul makes his way to the ring. I’m not sure I’ve seen a fighter walk to the ring with YMCA blasting out, but it’s all part of the show with Paul. 

Woodley was laser focused, no crowd interaction at all. Paul, on the other hand, is dancing and singing along. He looks as calm as it gets!

Woodley has acknowledged Paul’s ‘mental warfare’ on numerous occasions in the last week, and they’re on show again. 

Paul has left his opponent out there waiting for a good few minutes now…

Accompanied by rapper Joyner Lucas, ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley makes his way to the ring. 

The 39-year-old is a former welterweight king in the UFC, but incredibly this feels like a defining moment in his carer. 

He looks focused and mean as he blocks out the noise with his customary headphones. The American isn’t acknowledging the crowd, it’s straight eyes ahead as he makes his way to the ring. 

He looks pumped!

We’re almost there! The stage is set and Woodley will take to the ring in a matter of seconds! 

Not long now! Paul is getting ready in the locker room…

Paul’s coach BJ Flores had indicated his fighter would come in at the lightest weight of his career, but that proved not to be the case.

The Problem child clocked in at 191.4lbs, while Woodley came in at 189.6lbs.

Paul was also marginally heavier in the pair’s first fight at 190lbs, with Woodley at 189.5lbs. Read more HERE. 

Let’s quickly go through the rules of tonight’s main event between Paul and Woodley.

The bout will be an eight-round fight, the same as in August. The rounds will be three minutes long, with a one-minute break between each.

Both men were required to weigh under the catchweight limit of 192lbs, which is 8lbs below the cruiserweight limit.

There is also a rematch clause in the contract, should Woodley win. While Woodley will secure a $500k bonus should he win by knockout.

Right then, we’re nearly there! The main event ring walks are now just a matter of minutes away! 

All the build-up, all the talk, all the controversy. Woodley says he won the first fight and will get his revenge tonight. We will see shortly!

And there we have it. Serrano, as expected, takes the unanimous decision victory. 

She wins with scores of: 99-90, 99-91 and 100-90. 

Though not claiming the stoppage win she clearly wanted, Serrano looked brilliant in there, setting the stage perfectly for a mega-fight against Katie Taylor next year. 

The final bell goes! It was an electric start from Serrano, who looked as if she might get the job done in round one. The ever-tough Gutierrez made it through to the final bell, however, though being totally outclassed throughout. 

We go to the judges’ scorecards, but we all know who’s won in Tampa tonight…

Official confirmation to come shortly. 

Not much to report in round eight, which was largely a walkover round for Serrano. Just two minutes remain. Looks like it will be a points decision win for the seven-decision champion. 

As Katie Taylor found out in November last year, Gutierrez is seriously, seriously tough. 

I thought it might be over in round eight, but Gutierrez shows plenty of heart and guts as she answers back with some punches of her own. 

She’s really busted up though, there’s swelling under her right eye and this one, barring a spectacular shock, is already over. 

‘You’ve got to show me something,’ the referee says to Gutierrez, who was pummeled from pillar to post in round seven. 

Serrano lands with fierce shots to body and face, and you feel it’s only a matter of time now. This could all be over in the next two minutes. 

Round six goes exactly the same as the fifth, with Serrano in total control and the crowd at the Amalie Arena perhaps somewhat subdued. 

Between rounds Logan Paul gets on the mic in an interview, ahead of the main event. He says Woodley needs a ‘miracle’ to win tonight, predicting his brother will win in three…

We reach the halfway point of the fight, scheduled for 10 rounds. Without a doubt, it’s 5-0 Serrano at this stage. 

Gutierrez does land with a couple of rights, but she’s out of this fight as things stand. She’ll need something special to turn this around. 

Big round for Serrano again, who landed with numerous right hands once more. She stepped up the pace once more after a quieter fourth. Gutierrez just isn’t moving away from the punches. She’s there to be hit, and that’s what’s happening. Serrano in total, total control. 

Taking a break quickly from the showdown in the ring as we take a look to the main event ahead. 

A Jake Paul fight is certainly never normal, and Tyron Woodley found that out once more in their recent face-to-face interview. 

Certainly the most quiet round of the fight so far, but one that Serrano takes again. The eye-catching work came from the seven-division champion, who remained on the front-foot and aggressive throughout. 

Serrano continues on the front-foot as she works the body with cruel intention. It’s difficult to see how Gutierrez makes it to the final bell, with significant marking already on show. She lands a couple of right-hands to show she’s still relevant here, though…

Wow, what an incredible start to the fight that was. Serrano, clearly meaning business, comes out firing, sending a flurry of what must have been 30 or 40 punches in her opponent’s direction. That could easily be given as a 10-8! 

With just one fight remaining before we get to tonight’s main event, let’s quickly reflect back to the pair’s fight fight in Paul’s home city of Cleveland. 

It was Paul who beat the MMA legend via split decision, a result that both left Woodley totally bemused and added some genuine legitimacy to the American’s boxing credentials perhaps for the first time. 

He overcame real adversity after being rocked badly in the fourth round, though he was certainly fortunate not to have been given a standing count, having been saved by the ropes on the way down. 

Nevertheless, he held on and – in most people’s opinion – deserved the victory. 

Paul moved to 4-0 with the victory, but was left disappointed with his performance after failing to get the KO for the first time. 

The 24-year-old had been scheduled to face Tommy Fury tonight, but the Brit was forced to withdraw after suffering a broken rib and a chest infection. 

Instead, we get an enticing grudge rematch to enjoy!

Up next we have the penultimate fight of the night, as Amanda Serrano takes on Miriam Gutierrez. 

All eyes are on Serrano, who has won world titles across seven weight divisions, with a mega-fight against Katie Taylor lined up next. 

Serrano vs Taylor is widely deemed as one of the biggest fights out there available for 2022, it’s one we all want to see. 

Taylor fought and beat Gutierrez last year, via unanimous decision. Can Serrano improve on that?

Well then, that’s time on Deron William’s short career in a boxing ring. The 37-year-old took the win in tonight’s exhibition bout, but that’s that now. 

‘I’m going to sit myself down and leave these guys to it. I probably looked terrible in there. I’m one and done.’

The scores: 39-37 Williams, 38-38 Gore, 40-35 for Williams!

As we’ve seen in the last couple of years, a fight doesn’t have to be technically elite level for it to be entertaining. Simply put, that was a war! 

Both were hurt on numerous occasions throughout the four-round bout, between Williams – known for his NBA career – and former NFL running back Gore. 

And we have a split decision…

With another eagerly-anticipated bout between the pair swiftly approaching, Sportsmail takes you through everything you need to know.

Before we look ahead to what will be a thrilling night’s action, let’s quickly bring you up to speed with the fights already concluded tonight.

Liam Paro bt Yomar Alamo (split decision).

Chris Avila bt Anthony Taylor (majority decision). 

Also currently in the ring is Deron Williams vs Frank Gore…

We have a huge night of boxing ahead of us, as Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley go head-to-head once again in an intriguing rematch.

It was Paul who upset the odds as he claimed a split decision victory over the MMA legend in their first bout in August, a decision Woodley vehemently disagrees with.

Paul had been due to take on Tommy Fury in tonight’s showdown in Tampa, Florida, but he was forced to withdraw due to a broken rib and a chest infection.

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