Jade Carey could bust out one of the toughest floor moves ever.

Jade Carey could bust out one of the toughest floor moves ever.

July 29, 2021

By Carla Correa

The American gymnast Jade Carey is so good on the floor exercise that she might debut the hardest tumbling pass ever to be attempted by a woman in competition: the triple-twisting double layout.

During the skill, Carey launches herself into a roundoff and back handspring before rising to complete three twists and two back flips. The feat is similar to Biles’s triple-double on the floor, but whereas Biles tucks her knees into her chest, Carey increases the difficulty by keeping her body straight.

So far, she has only attempted the skill in practice.

And here it [email protected] TRIPLE DLO. @Simone_Biles WALKED BY AND SAID CONGRATS AND THATS CRAZY! pic.twitter.com/9pEXwz1aXc

In the all-around final, Carey will slot into the spot once allotted to Biles, who was scheduled to close out the competition on the floor but withdrew, citing mental health challenges and “a little bit of the twisties” (a term that refers to a gymnast’s ability to sense where she is in space). That means Carey will have her three other scores — on the vault, uneven bars and beam — in hand. If the math shows that she is just out of the medals, the risk of trying the skill might be worth the reward.

If she were to land the triple-twisting double layout, it would be named the Carey.

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