'It’s crazy, my parents are going insane' – Messi mania hits Miami Beach as fans celebrate star's transfer | The Sun

'It’s crazy, my parents are going insane' – Messi mania hits Miami Beach as fans celebrate star's transfer | The Sun

June 17, 2023

THE news of Lionel Messi coming to join Inter Miami has made waves in Europe – but what do they make of it at the famous Miami Beach?

Messi has left PSG after two years in the French capital and looked to try and negotiate a move back to Barcelona.

But the LaLiga champion's dire financial woes left the footballing legend to take his iconic career elsewhere.

And before long Messi confirmed his decision to join David Beckham's Inter Miami, 16 years after the ex-England captain swapped Madrid for LA.

SunSport took the trip down to Miami Beach to speak to local muscle men and beach babes about the superstar signing.

What I found was a mixed response; some were quick to admit they had little care for it, others could not believe their luck.

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Messi says ‘I feel like going on holiday’ after being asked about Miami move

Strength and conditioning coach Joshua, 30, said: “I’m ecstatic, I think that he’s going to get the better opportunities here in Miami, because we’re all about that Latin and mixed. 

“And what do you call that? Condiments. So the sauce is coming to Miami.”

But 23-year-old Michael said: “I actually heard about it just 30 minutes ago and I really don’t have any thoughts, because I don’t watch sports.” 

Messi, 35, will travel Stateside having won it all in his career, the Champions League, six Ballon d'Ors and as of last year the World Cup.

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Strength and conditioning coach Joshua is excited for Lionel Messi's move
Michael was left bothered about the news


So there has never been a better time to experiment in the US.

Seven, 28, who began squatting with weights and doing kick-ups as he spoke, said: “I think it’s a business move.

"Messi has pretty much completed every cycle of soccer, which means Miami and soccer is going to change.” 

Messi's arrival will also benefit Mexican fans, who will get their chance to see the sporting icon play in the Concacaf Champions League.

Mexican Emaliano, 27, said: "He’s a legend. He’s like Michael Jordan, like Tiger Woods, a person that only comes around 50 or 60 years. 

“He’s a person that’s not normal and many people want to see. I’m from Mexico and he is going to play with Mexican teams in the same confederation. 

“The people in Mexico are very happy because if Inter Miami qualifies into the Concacaf Champions League, the Mexicans can see. 

“I think many people in many parts of the world can come to Miami and see Messi because it’s not easy to watch a football player like him.” 

Inter Miami's remaining home and away tickets have all sold out after Messi announced his transfer.

So just hours after my day out at the beach, I returned to the strip to get a sense of what match day was like.

But Miami's match – which they lost 3-1 away to New England – was nowhere to be shown at the sports bars.

Instead, the ice hockey and basketball dominated the screens, an attention struggle Beckham & Co will be faced with.

Robert said: “There are a lot of distractions out here. You see with the Heat, the Dolphins, the more they win, the more talent that comes into it. 

“But there’s just so many other things to focus on so he would have to cause a stir.”

But Emalio, 26, argued: “I think it will make a difference in America.

"I think it will bring a bigger audience from outside of the country to watch the MLS."

Even the most casual of fan football – or should I say soccer out here – will be tempted to watch Messi in the flesh.

Ice hockey-mad Tyler, 30, said: “I’ll go to a game just to see what the hype’s about.

"I’ve been to a game before, they’re fun but to be honest, I don’t really care much.” 

Friends Amelia and Maria – both 19 – will line up for tickets due to their Argentine family roots.

Maria said: “It’s crazy, my parents are going insane.” 

But the new and existing fans of Messi will have to wait for the modern-day great to holiday before he lines up in pink and black.

He said: "I want to go on vacation and then we’ll start again."

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But Messi will no doubt be given a heroes welcome when he first touches down in the land of the free as the latest star of the MLS.

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