Inside Anthony Joshua’s humble training base with single bed, worn out sofas, communal bathroom and tub of butter on the hob

Inside Anthony Joshua’s humble training base with single bed, worn out sofas, communal bathroom and tub of butter on the hob

March 20, 2019

ANTHONY JOSHUA has given a surprising Cribs-style tour of the humble two-bedroom Sheffield flat he stays in while training for his next fight.

Britain's world heavyweight champion is worth over £35million but lives off the bare essentials so he can keep himself fully focused.

His humble abode – just five minutes away from the gym he uses in Sheffield – includes a master bedroom with a single bed, worn out sofas in the living room and just one communal bathroom.

The video even shows a tub of butter sitting on the electric hobs in the modest kitchen.

In an eye-opening clip, AJ first welcomes the cameraman into his living room/kitchen, where a workout recovery chair, TV, basic coffee table and pair of battered "vintage" sofas sit.

But the IBF, WBA and WBO champ says: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Joshua, whose diet is made up of between 4,000 and 5,000 calories a DAY, clearly eats out a lot.

When he opens the fridge it's just full of vitamin B-rich Supermalt, coconut water, "green juice" and vegetables.

In true Cribs style, Joshua leads the camera to the master bedroom, which despite only having a single bed in, he struggles to fit inside.

But in stark contrast to the MTV show, he says: "Not much goes on here."

Joshua, who is making his US debut to fight Jarrell Miller on June 1, grew up fighting on the street in Watford before turning his life around from petty crime to sporting glory.

After leading the camera into his en suite, he looks out the window and says: "I like this room because I can keep an eye on the streets. Make sure that everything's in order."

Peace and quiet is important for Joshua while he gears himself up to take on the next title challenger.

AJ explains: "When people have come here and seen this place they do wonder why haven't we moved.

"Because it works, it's peaceful, everyone has their own space, a bed to sleep in, food to eat and it accommodates what we need for training.

"What's brilliant about it is the gym is two minutes down the hill. Any traffic or weather issues and the car can't move, we can walk to the gym.

"There's no excuse not to train so it's a perfect location for what we're trying to achieve."

Joshua's Sheffield flat is in stark contrast to the London mansion he rented for £20,000-a-week prior to a previous fight.

Instead it shares more in common with the council flat he used to share with his mum before buying it for her for £185,000 in 2013.

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