If the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray, the second part of the plan could hit a major snag

If the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray, the second part of the plan could hit a major snag

April 24, 2019
  • The Arizona Cardinals are expected to select Kyler Murray with the first pick in the NFL draft.
  • If Murray is the pick, the next step would be to trade last year’s first-round pick, Josh Rosen, and hope to recoup some of that cost with a high draft pick or comparable package of selections.
  • That might be easier said than done, as other teams looking for QBs have not shown a lot of interest in trading for Rosen.
  • If other teams wanted Rosen to be their quarterback, it is likely a deal would have already been made.
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The Arizona Cardinals are on the NFL draft clock, and while most assume they will draft Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the first pick, what happens next may not go as most have assumed.

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If the Cardinals do take Murray, the assumption is that the Cardinals would turn around and trade last year’s first-round pick, Josh Rosen, to another QB-hungry team. However, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, there is not a lot of interest in Rosen from other teams and it does not appear that anybody is eager to make him their starting quarterback.

Schefter was a guest on ESPN’s “Get Up” and was asked if the lack of trade talks involving Rosen so far means anything.

“I think that the market on Josh Rosen, to date, has been lukewarm, because I think there are teams out there that are waiting to see which quarterbacks they can get,” Schefter said. “I think if the Arizona Cardinals had a package that they found enticing enough for Josh Rosen, I think they would have gone ahead and traded him.”

Teams are not lining up to get Josh Rosen.Ralph Freso/Getty ImagesSchefter went on to explain that teams like the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants are waiting to see if they can get a quarterback in the draft without having to trade for Rosen.

He also pointed out that there is another red flag that indicates teams just aren’t that high on Rosen anymore, noting that if a team wanted Rosen to be their starter, it would have been better to make the trade long before the draft.

“I think Josh Rosen is an alternative plan for these teams,” Schefter said. “I don’t think Josh Rosen is the No. 1 plan for any team that’s on him, otherwise, Arizona would have made the trade. By the way, if there was a team that wanted him so badly, they would have traded for him [already] to get him going in the offseason program, to get him caught up on the offense, to work with his new head coach. That hasn’t happened yet.”

There is still a chance the Cardinals could be bluffing in the hopes of trading the top pick (to the Oakland Raiders?) or that they would instead draft another player on the board (Nick Bosa?).

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But if Murray is the pick, it doesn’t seem like Rosen will get dealt during the draft and would instead have to wait. If that happens, it doesn’t also doesn’t seem like the Cardinals are going to get anything close to the first-round pick they used to get Rosen in the first place.

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