I went from making videos in my bedroom to having all the money I need – now it's time to give back, says KSI | The Sun

I went from making videos in my bedroom to having all the money I need – now it's time to give back, says KSI | The Sun

May 13, 2023

KSI has completed the stunning rise from a teenage gamer in his bedroom to multimillionaire superstar – now he wants to give back.

The 29-year-old – real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji – started his YouTube channel in 2009.

And over a decade later, KSI has become a pioneer of the social media site, with over 40 MILLION subscribers.

His content creation has taken him into the world of movies, music and now boxing, earning him a reported net worth of around £20m.

But after making enough to cash one could ever wish for, KSI tells SunSport inspiring others is now his main focus.

In an exclusive interview, he said: "I think once I made a certain amount of money, I kind of got to the point where I was like, I'm happy, I'm comfortable, I can do whatever I want, I have that freedom. 


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"So it's like, OK now that I've made a decent amount, why don't I just do more with my legacy?

"Show the world that a boy who started in his bedroom can just become whatever he wants if he really puts his mind to something. 

"And with that, I want to help more people, do more charity work, do more on the ground just to really help as many people as I can as well as making videos to entertain. 

"As well as knocking people out and showing people that you can make something of your life, be healthy, be strong and just be a better person in general. 

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"That's what I feel like life is all about, just being a better person throughout this journey of life." 

KSI, 29, returns to the boxing ring tonight against millionaire nightclub tycoon-turned 9-0 boxer Joe Fournier, 40, on DAZN PPV.

And he does so amid the sensational rise of his drinks company Prime, launched with old rival and now business partner Logan Paul, 28.

KSI also continues to upload videos to his own YouTube channels all while running his newly-founded promotional company Misfits Boxing.

But still the internet sensation somehow finds time to attend to all his various ventures – unlike others in the business.

He said: "It's all based on yourself, if you want to put more work in, if you want to put more drive into something, you can do it. 

"After training, I find some time to show, eat, and then I make a video.

"Then I play games and I'll make another video if I really want to, or I'll see what my schedule is saying. 

"I make time for everything, there's what 24 hours in a day and you're sleeping for what, eight hours of it? That's 16 hours to do a lot. 

"I'm training for about three hours, that's stil 13 hours to do stuff. Are you telling me there's no time to do anything else? 

"I feel like, I've said it before there's certain influencers, especially in the boxing scene that are being lazy, simple as that. 

"They're taking money and just being happy with that, I'm just thee trying to be the blueprint of you can be more and get more because of it." 

KSI knocked out gamer Faze Temperrr, 29, in January and his post-fight interview was gatecrashed by Fournier, 40, who demanded he be next.

So he accepted the challenge and faces the biggest test in his boxing career against an opponent with prior professional experience.

KSI said: "He wanted it the most. He's a pro boxer, 9-0 and I thought, 'Yeah, screw it, why not?'

"Even after I knocked out Temperrr, he was there, in the ring, constantly getting in my face like, 'I want this fight.'

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"He wanted to fight me, I had options but he wanted it the most so I was like, 'Cool, let's go, I love the challenge.'

"So let's see what he can do."

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